Pabellón Psiquiátrico - G de Gilipollas (English translation)

English translation

G of Goddamn

I know you're an intelligent boy
that you're more famous than the brave prince
all the girls call you Vicente
with your stupid remarks you turn me on
You wanted so much to go to Italy
and fuck Lawrence of Arabia in the ass
I won't go to your bar, leave it alone
May the crocodile girls eat your cock
G G G, G G G, G of Goddamn
The G men attack again
Iván and David the Gnome are two of them
González, Gadafi, Guerra and Gorbachov
they all like it a lot
No no Rafa don't insist, don't break really
Shut up idiot you'll like it
Rafa why you never told me you had this kept
You get calm and I stay with your girl
liten to this song, scratch if it itches
I don't care of smelling bad with indiana
if being posh is contagious, I'll vaccinate tomorrow
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Submitted by Diazepan Medina on Thu, 04/01/2018 - 12:39
Author's comments:

The song is making fun of Los Hombres G


G de Gilipollas

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