Son Feci Bisiklet - Gaffola (English translation)

English translation


If you want to understand me clearly,
Walk on the road that i walked on it too
I know,i'm crazy
But they don't let me to make a desicion
They don't let me
Do you like this place too?
You know,there's trouble never ends
If you have a look at yourself,
You'll make me happy
Cause you've made me crazy
A proud man who killed his woman,
He never can get (his) childs out of his mind
God is don't fall from the language (sorry it's the best translation i can do for this lyric)
You just made me say "whoa"
And you've all made me crazy
There's a girl that always looks at mirror
She don't mind what happens on the world
In a 6 million deserted island,
She made 1.500 friends
She sold her wings to buy love
Dude,you're not fast or slow
Not a leader,follower or a friend
You don't keep going for last 2000 years
How does it make sense,
Can you explain me?
Submitted by Selenatic on Fri, 19/05/2017 - 11:15
Author's comments:

hai,i'm sorry if my translate is really bad,there's so much proverbs on this song and you know,it's really hard to translate it's the best translation i can make.enjoy!



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