Medhat Saleh - Gamal El Ma7amel (جمل المحامل) (English translation)


Gamal El Ma7amel (جمل المحامل)

جمل المحامل برك
من ميلة الاحمال
أنا جمل عفي
وعلتي الجمال
آه يا زمان يا زمن
يا مغرب الإنسان
يا ابو كل شيء له تمن
يا أرخص الأزمان
فيك يا زمان الشوم
راح الأمان و لا جاش
و الحق مات مظلوم
والعدل في الإنعاش
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English translation

The Camel Carrying Bearings

The camel that's carrying bearings has crumbled
because of how tilted its bearings have become..
I am a sturdy camel
But the malady is within my tamer
Oh, times
you have isolated humans
In these times everything has a price
They are the cheapest of times..
In such miserable times
Safety has gone away and never came back,
Fairness died unfairly
And justice is in a hospital's recovery room..
Let me know if you have any questions about my translation. Good luck.
Submitted by Velsket on Fri, 16/02/2018 - 19:57