Orquesta Mondragón - Garras Humanas (English translation)


Garras Humanas

Soy el hombre si brazos del circo
Soy capaz de fumar con los pies
Cada noche la gente me aplaude mas
Pero yo me quisiera morir
Con los pies le disparo puñales
A una chica que baila ante mi
Todo el mundo se abraza con la emoción
Pero yo me quisiera morir
Yo perdí mis brazos
Y perdí tu amor
Me quiero morir
Me quiero morir
Me quiero morir
Me quiero morir
Eras tu la mas bella del circo
Pero a nadie le dabas tu amor
Un secreto guardaba tu corazón
Que a mi lado te hacia venir
Te aterraban los hombres con brazos
De sus manos querías huir
Entre sueños te ahogaban hasta morir
Pues las garras eran para ti
Me ocultaba con truco mis brazos
Siendo un monstruo podía vivir
Nunca tuve cariño de nadie aquí
Hasta que te acercaste a mi
Pero tu me querías sin brazos
Por tu amor yo me los corte
Yo creía que así me ibas a querer
Y te fuiste con un domador
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La canción está inspirada en la película Garras Humanas de 1927

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English translation

Human claws

I'm the armless man of the circus
I'm able to smoke with my feet
Every night the crowd apploud me more
But I wish to die
With the feet I shoot knives
To a girl who dances in front of me
Everyone embraces with excitement
But I wish to die
I lost my arms
And I lost your love
I want to die
I want to die
I want to die
I want to die
You were the prettiest of the circus
But you gave your love to nobody
Your heart was keeping a secret
That made you come by my side
You were scared of the men with arms
You wanted to hide from their hands
They were choking you till death in your dreams
Because the claws were for you
I hid my arms with tricks
I could live like a monster
I never had love of anyone here
Until you came close to me
But you loved me without arms
For your love I stripped them
I thought you were going to love me this way
And you left with a tamer
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This song is inspired by the movie "The Unknown" which was titled is spanish as "Garras humanas" (Human claws)

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