Gaşca de la bloc (English translation)

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The gang from the block

The gang from the block isn't anymore
Of all the tenants, only the pensioners are now
Valentin Istrate is gone to the States
Mircea's in Canada since the Mining
Hermann Aurel is around Israel
Only poor Tuti died in the Revolution
And Natalia is in Italy
Married with four children.
Where can they be?
Where can they be?
The gang broke up, they're all gone
The gang broke up, the bloom of the neighbourhood
The gang broke up, fate scattered them
The gang broke up long and wide.
Do you know something more about Horia?
They say they want to keep him in the Foreing Legion
Staicu Marian, the best of my year,
Who ever thought, he's in South Africa
Gerge and Cristina are going in Argentina
Fane Zavaidoc ... well, they got him in Rostock
His sister has given up stealing in Frankfurt
Now she's washing clothes and caring for children
So many block parties
So many rock gigs
and oh, so many adventures
Where can they be?
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Gaşca de la bloc

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