The Gathering - Eléanor

  • Artist: The Gathering (René Rutten, Hans Rutten, Frank Boeijen, Silje Wergeland, Hugo Prinsen Geerligs)
  • Album: Mandylion
  • Translations: Arabic, Russian
  • Requests: French


Underneath the mask you've buried yourself into
It’s coal-black
I am tired of the gulping that you do
Every day a new face
What if I unscrew
Your own identity
Wouldn’t you guess there's nothing left of you?
The quicksand of life drags us
Down into the circle
One day. We might not catch you
I feel sorry for what you try to do
Breaking others down. To try and to pursue
Your own selfish interests
I am starting to get sick of you
Whatever happened ever since you left
You make yourself and me look like fools
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