Gegen disen winnahten (English translation)

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German (Middle High German)

Gegen disen winnahten

Gegen diesen wînnahten
solden wir ein gemellîchez trahten,
wir swîgen alze lange.
nu volgent mir, ich kan uns fröide machen.
Ich singe iu wol ze tanze
und nim ir war, der schœnen mit dem kranze.
ir rôsevarwen wange,
ersæhe ich diu dar zuo, sô könde ich lachen.
Sô sich diu guote
schrecket vor, sô ist mir wol ze muote,
und ir gürtelsenken
machet, daz ich underwîlent liebe muoz gedenken.
Du liebez, du guotez,
tuo hin, lâ stân, du wunder wol gemuotez!
wol stênt dîniu löckel,
dîn mündel rôt, dîn öugel, als ich wolde.
Rôsevar dîn wengel,
dîn kellî blanc, dâ vor stêt wol dîn spengel,
du rechtez sumertöckel!
reitval dîn hâr, rehte als ichs wünschen solde,
Gedrât dîne brüste –
nu tanze eht hin, mîn liebez, mîn gelüste! –
lâ si tütli blecken
ein wêninc durch den willen mîn, dâ gegen muoz ich schrecken.
Nû lachet aber mîn flêhen,
ich schrecke, sô dir blœzent dîne zehen,
die sint wol gestellet,
vil schœniu forme und herzeliebiu minne!
Nû tanze eht hin, mîn süezel,
sô hol, sô smal sô wurden nie kein füezel!
swem daz niht gevellet,
daz wizzet, der hât niht guoter sinne.
Wîz sint ir beinel,
lindiu diehel, reitbrûn ist ir meinel,
ir sitzel gedrolle.
swaz man an frouwen wünschen sol, des hât si gar die volle.
Iu sî der tanz erloubet,
sô daz ir mîne frouwe niht bestoubet.
seht an si niht dicke,
ich fürhte, daz ir verliesent iuwer sinne.
Ir zimt sô wol daz lachen,
daz tûsent herzen müesten vor ir krachen,
ir lôslîchen blicke
twingent mich, owê, daz tuot ir minne.
Stêt hôher, lât slîchen,
der schœnen, der sol man ze rehte entwîchen.
waz kann ir gelîchen?
des wæne ich niht, daz ieman tuo in allen rîchen.
Ach, si ist sô schœne,
daz ich ir lop mit mînem sange krœne.
Ir wol stênden hende,
ir vinger lanc als einer küniginne,
sô ist si wol geschaffen.
dâ bî sô kann si gemellîche klaffen.
gar âne missewende
næme ich si für eine keiserinne.
Des setze ich ze pfande
mîn herze, daz ich niender in dem lande
sô guotez niht erkande.
Si ist sô minneclîch gestalt und lebt gar âne schande.
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Against these winter nights

Against these winter nights
we should bring about some pleasure,
we've kept silent all too long.
Just follow me, I can make us happy.
I'll sing that you may well dance
and you take with care the beauty with the garland.
Her rose-coloured cheeks,
I see her there, I could laugh.
To have her
cry out, I really like to do,
and make her belt sink1
that I from time to time must think of love.
You lovely, you goodly,
you move, stand still, you marvellous joy,
your locks look well with you,
your red mouth, your eyes, all as I like.
The rose colour of your little cheeks,
your little white neck, that your hairgrip shows so well,
you true daughter of summer!
charming your hair, absolutely just as I'd like it,
Well-formed your breasts –
now dance away, my lovely, my desired! –
let your nipples be seen,
a little through my desire, that it may drive me crazy.
But now my entreaties are being laughed at,
I take fright, so your toes become exposed,
which are so well-formed,
such a beautiful figure and warm countenance!
Now dance away, my little sweet,
such a figure, so small, beyond any princess!
whoever that doesn't please,
only shows that he has no good taste.
Her little legs are white,
Gentle her thighs, curly brown her mons,2
her little bottom rounded.
What one should wish on a woman, she has completely to the full.
The dance presents her to you,
so that you do not besmirch my lady.
Don't look at her too closely,
For I fear you will lose your senses.
You seem so full of laughter,
that thousands of hearts must break for her,
her friendly glances
consume me, o woe, such does her love to me.
Ever more, she lets slip,
of beauty, that one really should elude.
What can equal her?
That, I don't believe anyone can do, in any kingdom.
Ach, she is so beautiful,
that I'd like to crown her with my song.
Her well-crafted hands,
her fingers, long as a queen's,
just so has she been created.
And she's a delight to hear speak too,
completely without falter,
I might take her for an empress.
I would pledge
my heart that I've nowhere found in the whole country
one so beautiful.
She is such a beautiful creature and lives completely without shame.
  • 1. From dancing.
  • 2. Double entendre in German – could be her whole being.
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