Gene Autry - South of the Border

  • Artist: Gene Autry
  • Album: South of the Border: Songs of Old Mexico. (1939)
  • Translations: German, Spanish

South of the Border

Ai ai ai ai, ai ai ai ai
South of the border, down Mexico way,
That's where I fell in love
When the stars above came out to play.
And now as I wander, my thoughts ever stray
South of the border, down Mexico way.
She was a picture in old Spanish lace.
And for a tender while
I kissed the smile upon her face.
For it was fiesta, and we were so gay
South of the border, Mexico way.
Then she sighed as she whispered 'mañana'
Never dreaming that we were parting.
And I lied as I whispered 'mañana'
For our tomorrow never came.
South of the border, I rode back one day
There in a veil of white by candlelight
She knelt to pray.
The mission bells told me that I mustn't stay
South of the border, down Mexico way.
Ai ai ai ai (ai ai ai ai) [x2]
Ai ai ai ai
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"South of the Border" is a popular song describing a trip to Mexico, written by Jimmy Kennedy and Michael Carr and published in 1939 for the film of the same name starring country star Gene Autry.

A Spanish version is available here, sung by Los Tecolines



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