Notis Sfakianakis - Genethlia (Γενέθλια) (English translation)

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Genéthlia (Birthday)
In the paths of worry
in the bridge of sigh
make me my mum
One automnal evenings,
life your cold heart
they saw my eyes
With rattles plastic
beautiful and colourful
with luly bye songs
And the small eyes small
they saw worlds goods
and agreed
Was my milk bitter
and my watter bad
where she was grow me up
And toward my swing,
my fate in darkness
and with it boasted
Was my cry dull
as something wanted I to say,
but they did not feel me
A sad breathing
for the whole the life
that debited I needed.
Thus I began therefore, thus began,
they did not asked my life, but you I got used
As hurt high bird in the earth/ dust /,
I search the force to be still kept more.
Thus I began therefore, thus began,
they show me another one, but i refused
My God, if i did knew which day i must die
and the death to make my birthday...
On muds and nails
on the of unfair world the fire make my first steps
Balance constant
in order to anticipate the life,
however I stepped out
Only the “a” and the “x”
in my school season
at the first time i did try
For this “[ach]” and “because”
where I find itself with it follows
me and i was almost tirty years old...
Thus passed the time
and i'm going my hard street
I made dreams
It happened “i'd been from them
that swim in the foams
and in warm watter.
It drips the blood of soul,
as the drops of rain
however who cares
And the invisible wound
that in my inner body bleeds
who is shared them
Thus I began therefore…
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Genethlia (Γενέθλια)