幻奏は蒼き月となりて (Gensou wa aoki tsuki to narite) (English translation)


描いた軌跡 その景色
最期を 目に焼き付け
躯が再び 光 求め 彷徨いだす
そのたびに夢は 崩れ
けれど 潰えずに
蒼き月の 囁きが
繋ぎ 止めてる 夢幻
再び その闇に 立ち向かうから
夜に佇む 灯りは 消えることなく
止むことない 雨が
滲み 頬を伝う 雫
悲しみと 怒り 纏い
蒼き月の 囁きが
繋ぎ止めてる 夢幻
再び その胸に光 宿して
たとえこの躯 朽ちても
蒼き月の囁きが 繋ぎ止めてる夢幻
再び その闇に立ち向かうから
奈落の底で 虚空見上げ
欠けた心 赫く染まり
夢見た景色 奪い去るけれど
遮る闇火 立ち向かうから
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Dreams turn to pale moons

Composed of the traces you left behind, that scene...
Your final moments were seared into my memory
In eternal slumber
You will not awaken
My body starts to wander, yearning for the light once more
Though I failed many times
The dream deteriorating each time
None of those attempts were in vain
The whispers of the pale moon
Are keeping this dream alive
I'll face the darkness once more
The light wandering in the night has yet to vanish
Within the locked-up box
Lie unspoken truths
The ceaseless rain soaks me
Its drops treading along my cheeks
Clad in sorrow and anger
The whispers of the pale moon
Are keeping this dream alive
Once more, within the light that lies in your heart
You harbor this tale's conclusion
I'll keep on walking
Until the time comes for me to lay down my life
The dazzling, sinking sky above
This white dream has been corrupted
Even so, I've continued to believe
That I do have a future ahead of me
Even if my body decays
The whispers of the pale moon are keeping this dream alive
I'll face the darkness once more
Looking up at the sky from the depths of Hades
Although my missing heart has been dyed red
Taken away by the scene I dreamed of
I'll face the dark flames that stand in my way
Before long, my wishes will clear away the flames
The brightness held within your body
Has yet to fade; its light will persevere
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