• Geoff and Pennie Harris

    The Shepherd’s Song (Stormy Winds)

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The Shepherd’s Song (Stormy Winds) lyrics

We shepherds are the best of men that treads old England’s ground
If we goes into an alehouse, we values not one crown
Well, we’ll call for liquors merrily and pay before we go
While our sheep lies asleep, oh, where the stormy winds do blow
Come all you valiant shepherd lads that have got valiant hearts
That goes out in the morning and never feels the smart
Well, we’ll never be downhearted, we’ll fear no frost nor snow
And we’ll work in the fields where the stormy winds do blow
As I looked out all on the hill, it made my heart to bleed
For to see the sheep hang out their tongues and they begin to bleat
And I plucked up me courage bold and to the hills did go
For to drive them to the fold, oh, where the stormy winds don’t blow
And now I have a-folded them and turned back again
Well, I’ll go into join some jovial company and there be entertained
Oh, drinking of strong liquor, boys, it is our heart’s delight
While our sheep lies asleep all full safely all this night.