Ghost?! (Ghost ?!) (English translation)

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With a hopeless hope
I'm in an endless tunnel
Only breathing to die slowly
A string of sleazy affairs have frayed and clouded my brain
It needs unhealthy nourishment, right?
The world is getting more and more cartoon-like
Aren't you behind this, Vincent?
How exciting!
In my confused head
A conductor-less orchestra thunders
I want to embrace everything
Life and death, love and hate!
I want to dance forever in a psychedelic kaleidoscope
But a ghost comes from reality and pulls me back
Among undulating patterns
I'm looking at myself looking at myself
Matryoshka dolls of consciousness
A parade of Eses marches through my brain
From the depths of a never-ending monologue
Self-rejection rises up to the surface
Hey, why pretend to be with psychosis?
No, I only want to be innocent like a child!
In my confused head
A conductor-less orchestra thunders
My pupils remain dilated
Everything shines in my vision
Jumping out of my melting eyes
Hallucinations begin to dance
What is this? Who am I? Where am I?
I don't care!
A string of sleazy affairs are nothing compared
To the noble pleasure I want to be dizzy with
The world is shaking with ecstasy
Wrapped up in pneuma
I have discovered it all
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Ghost?! (Ghost ?!)

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