Ghost (musical) - Life Turns On a Dime


Life Turns On a Dime

MOLLY (spoken):
I went to the police.
CARL (spoken):
Oh, you did? What did you tell them?
I mean well what did they say?
MOLLY (spoken):
You were right, it was awful.
They brought out a file on this physic woman.
It went on forever.
CARL (spoken):
A rip off artist, ha.
MOLLY (spoken):
Yeah, and the sad part is I believed her.
CARL (spoken):
Well, sometimes we need to believe.
MOLLY (spoken):
Why? I was such a fool.
I don’t believe in anything anymore.
How can people do such things?
It’s not easy to face,
What life brings sometimes.
But things can’t be replaced
Life turns on a dime.
You have to remember the love you guys knew
How much Sam cared,
How much he loved you.
Just think about Sam,
And the times you shared
Open up that dam, and try not to be scared.
MOLLY (spoken):
I just feel so alone.
You’re not alone ever, people love you so.
You’re surrounded forever, with more love than you know.
You're young you’re still young,
And so gorgeous too.
There’s’ songs to be sung,
A life waiting for you.
I don’t know what’s real anymore,
And even now I think Sam’s
Gonna walk through the door.
(C: Don't be scared)
I don’t know what’s real anymore,
(M: Oh, my love)
And even know I think things can be like
(M: My darling)
Before, every time I start to rise,
(M: I hunger for your touch)
Feel like I’m going to sink.
(M: A long, lonely time)
Going down, down down, down
(MOLLY and CARL: Down, down, down, down.)
MOLLY (spoken):
I think you should go now.
CARL (spoken):
Molly, you shouldn’t be alone.
Let your feelings out, don’t hold them inside.
You can cry you can shout,
Then put them aside.
We think were so clever,
We think we’re all fine.
That we’ll all live forever,
Life turns on a dime
I wanted it to be Sam.
I wanted it to be him.
I lost him once.
I can’t bear it, I can’t lose him again.
I just wanted to hold on somehow.
I just wanted to hold on somehow...
Look at me now.
Don’t steal my love.
You’d steal my love.
You killed me twice.
You killed me twice!
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