Gigi cinque ottavi (English translation)

  • Artist: Pinguini Tattici Nucleari
  • Song: Gigi cinque ottavi
  • Translations: English
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Gigi Five Octaves

Gigi "five-octaves" was an odd guy
as the name suggests he only liked five-octave tempo
Even as a child, a friend tried gifting him a Nickelback record
and in return Gigi killed his whole family
Ahi ahi ahi ahi Gigi did not want the Nickelback record
He didn't want it, didn't want it, didn't want it*
When during birthdays they asked him how much cake he wanted
he said he wanted at least 5/8 of the cake
His friends understandably despised him
and did not invite him to their birthday parties
But Gigi was a fair man
Like, on the bus, he always offered old people his seat
But society looked at him sideways
Because he like music with an extra octave
He fought for the octave but his fate was mean
Society, tired, gave him an ultimatum
Adapt to civility's tempo, which is
tupa tupa tupa pa
After his denial they locked him in a room
To listen to Max Pezzali** for eternity
They tried to stifle his diversity
And uneven tempos became times for gun shots**
But then one day, there she is sitting in the urban tundra
Antonia "seven sixteenths"
The two met and it was love at first sight
And if you happen to see them around go to them
Slowly, I suggest, and ask them
What is love to you, really?
They'll say
we're not sure what it is
but it's surely in 17/16
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Author's comments:

*this part is originally in Spanish.
**a famous Italian pop artist.
***this is a play on the words "dispari" and "di spari". "Dispari" means "uneven", "di spari" means "of gun shots".


Gigi cinque ottavi

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