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Giovane esploratore Tobia (English translation)

  • Artist: Francesco De Gregori
  • Song: Giovane esploratore Tobia Album: Bufalo Bill (1976)
English translationEnglish

Young Explorer Tobias

Young explorer Tobias.
Fifteen in September
but still a child
writes his name in the Cave of the Blue Ox
with his strange scribble.
Young explorer Tobias.
Young explorer Tobias.
Born of a steel-eyed father
and a self-absorbed mother.
Behind a childhood hygienically perfect,
measles and sadness but no other malady.
Young explorer Tobias.
Young explorer Tobias.
Departs for a school field trip
and doesn't know what to do.
Turns his head and sees a burning car.
Pulls the alarm and saves the railroad.
Young explorer Tobias.
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Giovane esploratore Tobia

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