Giugno 73 (English translation)

  • Artist: Fabrizio De André
  • Song: Giugno 73 6 translations
  • Translations: Catalan, Croatian, English, French, Polish, Russian

June 1973

Your mother is really mad with me
Because I'm married and furthermore, I sing
But I sing quite well and I don't know if your mother
Is just as good at being ashamed of me.
The magpie I gifted you
Died, and your sister cried,
Sadly on that day they didn't sell any flowers
That day they only sold talking magpies.
And I hoped the bird would've taught your mother
How to tell me "Hi, how are you?"
Nothing as hard as singing
I'm the one who does that, as you know.
My friends are all very polite towards you
But they dress a bit weird
You suggest me to find them a tailor and you ask me
"Are these the best ones we could find tonight?"
And now you laugh and you pour a spoonful of mimosa
In the funnel of your untied cuff.
My friends shook your hand,
I go with them, their journey brings them a bit further.
And now you wait for a more trusted love
I already gave away your lighter, you know
I did the same with those two elephant hairs
They used to chill my blood
I gave them to a passerby.
And everything else just comes by itself
Your "Help me"s will still be answered
I tell myself it was better to break up
Than never to have met at all.
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Author's comments:

I attempted to make the translated text as natural and direct as the original.


Giugno 73

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