Mohamed AlShehhi - Gnni (جنني) (English translation)


Gnni (جنني)

انا مابي تغيب
كثير عن عيني
اما مابي فراقك
يهد ما فيني
حبي جنني يا غالي
تعال عندي هنى قبالي
دونك كوني ما يسوى
و انا ازعل على حالي
تعال الحق علي
ترا ما اقدر
و ما تسوى حياتي
والله من دونك
غرامك داخلي اصلان
جنه محتواها اشجار
و اغصن الشجر فيها
كل اوراقها باسمك
لا لا اتشوف
علي نفسك
انا قلبي
على ناره
عطيتك حب ما شافه
ابد مخلوف بالدنيا
عطيتك قلبي و روحي
لان القصه منتهيه
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English translation

driven me crazy

I don't want you to be away
a lot from my eyes
I don't want to be apart
it will break me
my love has driven me crazy, precious
come hither
without you, my world is worth nothing
and I pity myself
come and save me
I can't
and my life is worth nothing
without you, I swear
your love is engraved in me
a paradise with trees in it
and the branches
all their leaves have your name
no, no, don't think
you're better than me
my heart
on this fire
I've given you a love that
no creature in this world has ever witnessed
I gave you my heart and soul
because the story is already finished
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