Go on a bat

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Idiomatic translations of "Go on a bat"

Paint the town
go on a tear
удариться в загул
загудеть на всю катушку

Meanings of "Go on a bat"


to go binge drinking; to go on a drinking spree; to have a good time and enjoy oneself, usually drinking.

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загулять; закутить; запить; развлекаться и хорошо проводить время.

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Çok fazla içki içmeye gitmek; bir içki âlemine girmek; genellikle içki içerek, kendi kendine eğlenmek ve iyi vakit geçirmek.

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"Go on a bat" in lyrics

Muslim Sultygov - Oh, Mom, I Will Not Marry,

"It's time for you to marry,
Stop, oh lovely son of mine,
to go on a bat from evening till morn,
Forget these parties, dances,

Beloye Zlato - Young Cossack-girl

4.Why don't you drink, don't go on a bat
Why don't you drink, don't go on a bat

Viktor Tsoi - The Star

My silent longing still gnaws at me,
She's the faithful soulmate of mine.
Go on a bat, drink, dance and sing,
I'm with you for now.

Erkan Kolçak Köstendil - I'm Going Mad

I'm going mad, oh my god, I'm going mad

I go on a bat, I slosh the bottles down, I start arguements, oh no, oh no
I look at men, I smoke a cigaratte, I talk about deep topics, oh no, oh no**

Akvarium - Grandpa MaleGoatMilker

To climb into some woman's bed.
The eyes of the grandpa were blank in the old days
When he used to go on a bat;
With whistle he called all the women to make love

Sektor Gaza - I took the blame upon myself

After the hard day.

You all go on a bat,
This I told you,

Aviator - Over the Dnipro's Bay

The sycamore says: - I will be bending
And I will wash myself in the Drinpro river
The cossack says: - I will go on a bat
And I will seek for my beloved.