to go to the dogs

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to go to the dogs (English) — to deteriorate shockingly.
Usually used in the present continuous tense, often of an larger organization of some sort, (such as a company, a country, etc.) as in:

"The country is going to the dogs"

synonyms: deteriorate, be in decline, degenerate, decay;

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Can anyone tell me what the Romanian equivalent would be? - ibn as-sabil 8 months ago

Translations of "to go to the dogs"

FrenchAller à vau-l'eau
Russianпойти ко всем чертям

"to go to the dogs" in lyrics

But only finds the same failure all the time
That seems to be what still connects the two of us
We were together, were seperated, haven't seen each other for years
Please come back, otherwise I have to go to the dogs

Come back to me

Fotos - Come back

But one thing I know after all these years
Even you have to know the truth
It was always worthwile to be a man
Although it is so easy to go to the dogs

Although I have empty pockets

Dżem - Outsider