Go/ No go

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Go/ No go (English) — A noun description of a person who passes required tasks, 'a go', or a person who fails to perform required tasks, 'a no go'. Generally in non-evaluations Go is not used. No Go, means a person who is a poor performer, without initiative or purpose. This can be a career long label. It originated as military jargon. Dreaded words in training, "Secure your gear and return to the break area. You are a No Go at this station."

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"Go/ No go" in lyrics

I've been to London,
Been to Paris,
Australia and Rome
There's sexy boys in every city
But they're not what I want
Some got money

Miley Cyrus - Permanent December

Dark child
No bets
Lets hit

Jennifer Lopez - That's The Way

It's no go
no go no matter what I do
which seperation evening is it
with your picture hanged on the wall
one you is passing through one me
don't even wait, I can't come back

Manuş Baba - Whistle If You Come Back

Oh, baby I know your lying, look how hard I’m trying
But don’t you know that I know now?
Don’t let me see you crying, sometimes I feel like dying
But don’t you feel alone, when you’re with me now?

Look to the sky, you can see me falling.

Jake Bugg - Fallin'