Go round the bend

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Go round the bend (English) — Go mad. (ref. Oxford Dictionary)

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EnglishRound the bend

"Go round the bend" in lyrics

Deep in your heart
Then you'll come a-running to me
You'll come a-running to me
Well you watch the train go 'round the bend
Play in dust and dream that it will never end
Deep in your heart

Van Morrison - Come Running

Painted away the sun
For the picture I’d become
Color the sound of thunder in the distance
A lonely sky
Ghosts were giving chase
And the brush revealed your face

3 - It’s Alive

Che attende appena oltre l’ansa del fiume

Ancora una volta vado a vedere
Appena oltre l’ansa del fiume[fn]l’espressione “go round the bend” (a cui, nel testo, è stato aggiunto un “river”) significa “diventare pazzi”[/fn]
Oltre la riva
Dove i gabbiani volano in libertà

Pocahontas (OST) - Appena oltre l’ansa del fiume