Dod, Dieviņi (English translation)


Dod, Dieviņi

Dod, Dieviņi, dodamo
Es saņemšu ņemamo
Es saņemšu ņemamo
Ar abām rociņām
Dod, Dieviņi, lietum līt
Nejās tautas pieguļā
Būs manām telītēm
Svētu rītu āboliņ’
Dod, Dieviņi, man zirdziņu
Es negribu lepni jāt
Birzī man pieši auga
Liepienā iemauktiņi
Dod, Dieviņi, siltu sauli
Jel vakara pusītē
Dod, Dieviņi, lēnas tautas
Jel mūžiņa galiņā
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God, give me

Give me, God*, what you have to give
I will take what I have to take
I will take what I have to take
With both my hands*
God let the rain fall
People will not pasture their horses at night
My little heifers*
Will have clover in the saint morning
God give me a horse*
I don’t want to ride out proudly
My spurs grew in a birch forest
Bridle* in a linden forest
God, give the warm sun
In the evening hours
God, give placid people
At the ending* of a lifetime*
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Author's comments:

There are several words in diminutive in this song, but surely they don’t refer to a size, it’s more like showing tenderness and devotion. Since there’s no precise equivalent in English, just for the feeling of the song, I marked those words with *

Very beautiful song, also performed at the last Song Festival, and I think that version is even more powerful

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