God Yu Tekkem Laef Blong Mi (English translation)

English translation

Take My Life And Let It Be

Take My Life And Let It Be
Consecrated Lord To Thee
Take My Hands And Let Them Move
At The Impulse Of Thy Love
Take My Feet And Let Them Be
Swift And Beautiful For Thee
Take My Voice And Let Me Sing
Always Only For My King
Take My Moments And My Days
Let Them Flow In Endless Praise
Take My Intellect And Use
Every Power As Thou Shalt Choose
Take My Will And Make It Thine
It Shall Be No Longer Mine
Take My Heart It Is Thine Own
It Shall Be Thy Royal Throne
Take My Love My Lord I Pour
At Thy Feet It's Treasure Store
Take Myself And I Will Be
Ever Only All For Thee
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I Translated This Song Already, The Language Is "Solomon Pidgin" This Is English Creole Mixed With The Native Dialects Of The Solomon Islands In The South Pacific… It's Composed By Hans Zimmer And Gavin Greenway For "The Thin Red Line" But The Actual Choir Singing Is All Saints Choir Honiara… Hope This Helps!
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English Creole (Bislama)

God Yu Tekkem Laef Blong Mi

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