Elena Temnikova - Golyye (Голые) (English translation)

English translation


I verse:
I forgive you for the pain
for your stupid things, your weaknesses
It's important that now you're with me
in bad and in good
Let's leave for later
the explanations - which one of us is right
It's important that now it's both of us
I'm happy and
you are happy too
We're (laying) sleepy and naked,
in one bed,
Our heads are on the same side
like we wanted
II verse:
I dive with my head
in your weirdness, tenderness
Our new love
is without prohibitions and jealousy
We'll both stay
this night - is all ours
we don't now what's next
but you're here and
now I'm here too
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Golyye (Голые)