good for nothing

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good for nothing (English) — Usually speaking of a person, occasionally a thing. A person who is lazy, a sluggard, useless, might be " a good for nothing". A dead-beat dad (a father who doesn't pay child support payments) might be considered a "good for nothing."

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Translations of "good for nothing"

Arabicمالوش لزمة
DanishIkke godt for noget
FrenchBon à rien
Germanzu nichts zu gebrauchen
Hebrewטוב לשום דבר
HungarianSemmire sem jó
ItalianBuono a nulla
RomanianBun de nimic
SerbianNi za šta
Spanishno servir para nada
Turkishhicbir ise yaramaz

"good for nothing" in lyrics

You're talking rubbish, we're not going to take
Another view close up; that like
What view are you talking about?
You've a cheek, you started it
I give up
You're really good

Yelle - A cause des garcons

The deafening and permanent murmur
like a parasitic noise inside you that consumes you,
that whispers in the ear of everyone "you're no good,
you good for nothing, you'll never be good enough",
that repeats to you "you're like that, or you should be,
nothing would change if you changed. "

Fauve ≠ - Blizzard

my father he tells me one day: “ daughter,
you will not stay here without an end (OR forvever)
you are good at nothing, this is familly (You're good for nothing, it's a family trait)
it’s a mistake to see at earning enough for your bread (You ought to try to find a way to...)

Édith Piaf - Dans ma rue

One day my father told me: "My daughter,
You will not stay here forever
You're good for nothing in this family,
So you'd better earn your bread.
Men seem to find you quite attractive,

ZAZ - On my street

They've already told me that I am good for nothing
And that even the air that I breathe is better
I have been nailed to the wall by a sword
I've lost until I begin to cry

But I've returned

Natalia Jiménez - I believe in me

When you cry, also think of me
When you want to, take my life
I don't want it, for anything
I'm good for nothing without you

Luz Casal - Τhink of me

He grew up in an orphanage from the start
But when his social worker said something, he didn’t give a shit
He found out fast that the place was not his home,
Here they made you feel that you are good for nothing
There is only little hope that he will turn 18 alive
Because he smoked cigarettes when he was 6, pot when he was 8, and is drunk at 10.

Sido - Open Your Eyes

Behind this imposing building, I take you to the end of the alley, in a more friendly place: welcome to the cultural café.
There we will be able to chat, have a drink or play checkers. Some Friday evening, there are even Slam events.
If you wand a good meal for nothing, I know well all the slightly sticky good places.
Here we'll meet all the good-for-nothing, the jet-set of aristocrappies.
In the evenings, there's not much to do, not many open places.
Except the stadium movie theater where gangs gather: welcome to riffraff-land!

Grand Corps Malade - Saint-Denis

Your message to The Great Bear
And course the path takes
A moment of softness
Even if it's good for nothing, goes
The wind will take it away
All will disappear but

Noir Désir - The Wind Will Carry Us

You're talking rubbish, we're not going to take
Another view close up; that like
What view are you talking about?
You've a cheek, you started it
I give up
You're really good

Yelle - Because Of Boys

My father once told me, "Daughter
You're not gonna stay here forever
You're good for nothing - it runs in the family
You should think about earning money
Men think you are rather pretty

ZAZ - On my street

Bernadette, it is very grumpy
And her cousin, she divine
But her cousin, is unhealthy
I would even say that she good for nothing

Nino Ferrer - Le téléfon

Making samba is no
and whoever makes samba like this
is good for nothing
the good samba is a form
of prayer

Bebel Gilberto - Blessed Samba

hidden in my darlings hair.

I am an doubtful character
Who's not good for nothing.
Behind a corner the devils lurking.
He grabs me when he wants

Cornelis Vreeswijk - Some walk with broken shoes

Your message to The Great Bear
And the path's course,
A moment of softness
Even if it's good for nothing, goes
The wind will take it away
All will disappear but

Noir Désir - The Wind Will Carry Us

I'd like to talk to you

before the wind carries the leaves away
before a gesture would then be good for nothing
coherence is an uncertain fate for each one
before it is stronger, stronger than your perfume

Mango (Italia) - I'd Like to Talk to You

I'll be off to find another way.

And after all this time that you still owe,
you're still the good-for-nothing I don't know.
So take your gloves and get out!
Better get out!

My Chemical Romance - I Don't Love You

My father said to me one day: "Girl,
You are not going to stay here forever
You are good for nothing, it runs in the family (that, it's of the family)
You should see to earn your bread (You should earn your keep)

Édith Piaf - On My Street

You pride will be good for nothing but leaving you on your own

If tomorrow will be too late, there's no use to rebel
Your anger will be good for nothing but leaving you alone

Why, my love, why

Candan Erçetin - Why

Do you hear me, worthless good-for-nothing
but pure embarrassments?

Paquita la del Barrio - I Cheated On You Three Times

If flowers are to bloom on top of it, that would be enough to repay the world
If people are going to love each other there, that would be enough to give value to this world
That's why you should at least love people, love them your entire life
We were born because it was logical, in this good for nothing world

amazarashi - We Were Born Because it Was Logical

Your message to Ursa Major
And the trajectory of your path
A snapshot of velvet(softness)
Even if it's not good for nothing, goes
The wind will take it away
Everything will disappear but

Noir Désir - The wind will carry us

I speak so useless
In my cellular phone
Saying that boys are good for nothing
And love is worthless

Nolwenn Leroy - Ohwo

And I saw it, I understood it
It's said differently
And it's the same as in my country:
Moron [fn] 'turro' is apparently commonly used in Argentina and can also be translated as' motherfucker' [/fn], jerk, arsehole, good-for-nothing, [fn] not entirely sure what 'carapán' should be translated to in literally means 'bread face', I assume this is some sort of insult...[/fn] coward, idiot, stupid [fn] I can't find a translation for 'bobaca' so I just went for stupid...[/fn]
They're (all) of the same nature
And now I'm telling you (what's the word?)

El Canto del Loco - You're Silly

My friend, good-for-nothing/lowlife
Why is your face ruined?
My face is ruined
Because i gave it to a woman

Women, I love women

Rambo Amadeus - Women

Saki will forgive

Now some kiss me
and basically they are good for nothing
They just use me well

Jelena Karleuša - Saki

They have told me already that I'm good for nothing and that the air I breahe is better
I have been been nailed to the wall by a sword.
I have lost until I feel like crying.

But I"M returning
I'm standing and very alert

Natalia Jiménez - Creo en mi

I've been told I'm a good for nothing
and the air I breathe is of more
I've been nailed to the wall against the sword
I've lost the will to even cry

But my back is turned

Natalia Jiménez - I believe In Myself

I must learn to concentrate
But the girls they pull my hair
And with the boys I can't relate
Daddy says I'm good for nothing
Mama says that it's from him
Manic sister thinks I'm cracking

Sohodolls - Bang bang bang bang

Love charged (demanded payment) in loneliness

I was a teacher and I was an undergraduate
Good-for-nothing, cheeky and a dreamer.
While the bastard calendar
Never does you any favours

Ricardo Arjona - Life

I go out without the criminals, I'll never reach that stage,
I thought of everything, even of holding the Pope hostage,
You think of getting out an album, I think about stopping rapping,
The Aryan race doesn't like me cuz I'm good for nothing
Plotting, I glide, I make aerial raids

Booba - Life in red

now in the grave, that would be nice.

The world is bad - everyone hates me.
I am a real good-for-nothing, a dawdler, a rapscallion.
I am on short commons.
I have a small dog, which pisses all over my digs,

Die Ärzte - Trick 17 m.d.

I have a tender feeling
For every good-for-nothing, every guy
Who walks around freely without aim
Who is never anybody's servant, never master

Herman van Veen - I have a tender feeling

As you're slaying the dreamer

Blame me, it's me
Coward, a good-for-nothing scapegoat
Dumb kid, living a dream
Romantic only on paper

Nightwish - Slaying the Dreamer

Yeah – that’s the way life is
You grow older and your best days are numbered
Tell me where my optimism is
Feels like I’m a good-for-nothing dead beat
I’m searching for the faults
I’m looking all around and at you

Bushido - Take Me Home

Because I’m still in love, because I love you, don’t look back
Never look back

Because I’m a fool, because I’m a good-for-nothing
I couldn’t protect your bright smile
I was too young back then so I didn’t know about your tears

The Heirs (OST) - Don’t Look Back

We’re all wasting away!
We’re all wasting away!

Too much information well I said your good for nothing
I stitch upon a counter fit I’ll send you out for hunting
Digging at the roads where you digging for the simple code

Kasabian - Empire

I'm the king of too many mistakes, of the thoughts left aside,
I'm the king of the distance, the king of you and me
I'm the king who says what I'm feeling
I'm the king of your memory that's good for nothing
I'm the king of those who are masters of themselves

Fiorella Mannoia - The King that loves too much

Listen to me, I'm talking to you!
Look at me, turn your head to me!

You are just a good-for-nothing
That lives at our expense
You are just a dawdler

Die Toten Hosen - Lucky Pirates

So, you messed up, you messed up with me

(Why did you lie to me?) Don't leave me
(Can't be trusted, good for nothing type of brother) Whooo ooooh ooh
Everything you claimed to be was a lie, lie
(Why did you lie to me?) Whoooo

Anastacia - Why'd You Lie To Me

Would I survive?
I have a fifty-fifty chance.
Wouldn’t I find myself in your embrace?
Am I less [than others]? Am I good-for-nothing?
Beyoğlu has finally become safe,
[since] Blue army (police force) crushed me too

Mor ve Ötesi - Festus

remained everywhere

For a moment I think
I'm good for nothing
there was never a worse year
trust me dear

Tifa - Forever Yours

Because when I’m in pieces

I’m good for nothing

Compose me like child put together Lego bricks

Fisz - Conglomerate

Old team will welcome you again – save your breath!
So smile and cheer up!

It’s not important, where you’ve been! You were good for nothing!
It’s not important, where you’ve been! You didn’t have good start!
Listen, buddy, I know a secret to save you:

Czerwone Gitary - Tell me, buddy, where have you been

And not to be tormented if I'm not liked,
And be sure that everything will be ok.
I should learn not to worry about the small things,
So that no one would call me a good-for-nothing,
To drink beer every day and not get fat,
And have girls like Lenny Kravitz's.

Gradusy - I should learn to take it easy

Girl crane-operator with Gioconda smile is sitting on top of the tower
The plane Leningrad-Amsterdam is flying in the sky

Granny is knitting socks for her good-for-nothing grandson
Dad is carrying 1 kg of potatoes from work
Grandson is grinding away at his books cursing the siences

Splean - Leningrad-Amsterdam

It’s not like I hold onto the feeling of having no interest in things like that
So in the meantime, let’s get done whatever you all have been forced to do
You may’ve been called things like idiot, stupid, or a clumsy good-for-nothing
But see here, you’re still alive and breathing in this moment

One OK Rock - Ring Wondering

If you did then maybe we could chill
I don't think you do, so you and me are through (x2)

You triflin', good for nothing type of brother
Silly me, why haven't I found another, a baller (x4)

Destiny's Child - Bills, Bills, Billls

este pentru ca exista citiva oameni pe
care ii iubim pina la capat."

Each person handles what happens to them because they are protected this way. Without this wall of beloved people that surrounds us(no matter if they are alive or not), we would be good for nothing. We would dissintegrate like in an atmosphere where the abrasion is too strong. Or we would be lost, we would simply be lost through life. If the others’ hatred—overwhelming sometimes!- their envy, their infamy are helpless, it is because there are these few people which we love till the end.

Gabriel Liiceanu - Poems

Take these hands, they're good for nothing
You know these hands never worked a day
Take these boots, they're going nowhere
You know these boots don't want to stray

You got my head filled with songs

U2 - Do You Feel Loved

You are a worthless, worthless, worthless child
You would be dead if it not for me
You are a worthless, worthless, worthless child
A sad, sad washout good-for-nothing
You are a worthless, worthless, worthless child
I'll save you and carry you forward

Kikuo - You are a Worthless Child

You’ll never know what I think observing my mimical facial movements, it won't tell you nothing, nothing, tell you nothing
There’s two of me, maybe three, only you can help that
Compose me piece by piece, compose me, please
Because divided in pieces I’m good for nothing
Compose like a child composes Lego bricks together
First to the second, the second to the third, and then I’ll sit comfortably in an armchair, putting my legs on the table

Fisz - Polepiony

We're the bright young things
Good for nothing but being
Everything that's bad
Good for nothing but being
Everything that's bad

Marilyn Manson - The Bright Young Things

And hand in hand
It’s forever, and ever
He’s handsome, that good-for-nothing
The kind troubadour
As soon as the morning of the following day

- I Don't Like Love

The passing days
The morning light
My soul, my body, my voice, are good for nothing
What I wouldn't give for your gaze,
To be as always together

Amaral - Without You I'm Nothing

I know that you've blotted my address from your heart,
The apartment's buzzer,
The concrete floor, exist in vain,
The stairs, the elevator, are good for nothing,
The window, the yellow curtain, serve no purpose,
I've lost my love.

Caetano Veloso - Where will you go?

The deafening and permanent murmur
like a parasitic noise inside you that exhausts you,
that whispers in the ear of everyone "you're no good,
you're good for nothing, you'll never be good enough",
that repeats to you "you are like that, or you should be,
nothing would change if you changed. "

Fauve ≠ - Blizzard

Yet again a new dawn
A good-for-nothing morning
A piece of clay into my hands

Jean-Jacques Goldman - Yet again a new dawn

most likely I'm pretty pale,
the rain is putting a thin, soft coating onto my skin,
my right shoe is smacking out of a hole through which it has soaked up water,
the Reeboks are good for nothing, I sincerely hope the brat
who glued the pair was punished hard for that,
have I said that aloud? Silently, spontaneously and staccato

Prezident - Uneasy

If you ask me I was ugly, talentless
I didn't know how to be a woman, a good for nothing
Your love towards me, was it a joke?
You intoxicated me, always praised me

Nil Karaibrahimgil - You

Abstinant person in their chair of abstinence
Allegedly seems worried about you
They call you good for nothing
And say your liver is going to blow
Däng däng!

Juice Leskinen - You can not survive life

I am a chameleon,
my name Marmelada,
I have no solution,
yeeh, no good for nothing ...

I will not die for you,

Alameda Dosoulna - Chameleon

ONE TO TEN JUST FOUR NUMBER If I had study so much
I would have gone to the S place,CAUSE I LOVE YOU BE MY LOVE

It's a crime to love that good-for-nothing man,my empty wallet is ZERO
you were probably a previous nightingale?
that woman is charitable,this woman too lives as a philanthropist

Anda (Korea) - I would have gone to the S place*

The hills and the valleys turned dark and tawny
Foretelling what was to come: disaster and famine
What good is our labour, our toil and trouble?
They're good for nothing
Our Lord has given us nothing!

Kristina från Duvemåla (musical) - A Bad Harvest

By clapping hands I call it,
Gotcha! and then throw it away into the dark night
No use crying, no way out!
Good-for-nothing flipping flopping August

Don't leave me, don't disappear

Eastern Youth - Breaking the Vow on a Dare, August

These bitter words recall
All that's left and hard to swallow

She was always good for nothing when the good broke bad
All she's got to lose is everything she never has
(Every back turned to her)

The Birthday Massacre - Shallow Grave

You, all alone, your body, and a good for nothing monster, overlapping
All in this same swamp, feet are being caught
I am pulled in

Warm muddy water, a sweet smell like chocolate
I submerge

Galileo Galilei - In Franny's Swamp

I'll never build you up
Only to tear you down
Oh it's good for nothing
I wanna love you the way you are

Nelly Furtado - Build You Up

Your heart breaks my heart
And your eyes cry my tears
His hands dry them
And mine are good for nothing
I hurt so much, if only you knew
From not doing you anymore good

Peter Peter - The World Can't Do Anything About It

Tuesday I hate, oh Tuesday
Ain't no girls on the streets
Tuesday it ain't good for nothing
Drinking beer and watching TV

J.J. Cale - Friday

You triflin', good for nothing type of brother
Silly me, why haven't I found another
You triflin', good for nothing type of brother
Silly me, why haven't I found another

Glee Cast - Bills, Bills, Bills

I hate them for being vain,
They see a skirt and they let loose like dogs,
And when the time comes,
They're good for nothing, these liars.

And they say they're very manly,

Paquita la del Barrio - Wicked Men

Everybody thinks I made the verse about the shutdown of the Renault factory<fn> The Renault factory in Vilvoorde (city near Brussels) was closed in 1997, thousands of employees lost their jobs overnight, without being notified in advance by the direction </fn>, but no, I had written it five years before. I was sick of the thing being closed!

A good-for-nothing gangster had killed a man or two
The local and federal police had traced him and had him through
But the court lacked will, didn't have the time

Urbanus - You can all go home

[Verse 4: Eminem]
I'm trying to pull the trigger but it's stuck, fuck
My shit is all jammed up, ugh
Come on, you cock-sucking, good-for-nothing
Motherfucking piece of shit shoot, ah
Yeah! What up, bitch!? Say that shit again

D12 - Get My Gun

So they threw this ragged fellow at me,
dumped a real down-at-the-heels bum on me.

Oh me and oh my, a no-account good-for-nothing.

He’s weak, this fellow they got me,

Värttinä - No-good

They've told you about me
that I'm a Don Juan
that I'm good for nothing
my word's worthless
that I'm a boor

Sergio Vega - They've told you about me

Or where you sit for ages

I am nothing! Nothing! Nothing
Good-for-nothing! Good-for-nothing! Nothing
I'm not doing anything that's of use
That supports

Judith Holofernes - Good-for-Nothing

So I can’t say anything and
can only pound on my heart
I love you, I loved you, these are words
I never once said. A foolish and good-for-nothing
heart, that’s the only love I can do

Mandate Of Heaven OST - foolish heart

Everything about me

I know, everything I want
Is good for nothing
Darkness is eternal
Everything you’ll give me

O.N.A. - Everything About Me

She wasted all my time and all my mula
And she ain't even grateful for the cheddar I blew
Eff it, I'm through, bitch, I'm no longer messing with you
You ain't nothing but good for nothing, that's what evidence proves
And now you're just another topic when I step in the booth, bitch

Hopsin - No Fucks Given

You asked me who the hell I was?
Tell me who the hell you are first!

Whether a debtor or a good-for-nothing bum,
If you’re unemployed and don’t want to live anymore,
All we’re doing is trying to live our lives.

amazarashi - Names

I have grown up because of you

My words aren’t valid, I don’t have copies, the original me shall be yours
It was a separate tale, finished, I’m the same good-for-nothing

I used to smile… Who am I, where am I?

Emre Aydın - Forget in some place you go to

All the world tells me that he's a rascal
But as I am a worthless girl
It bothers them that we love each other
But me, I love him, my good-for-nothing

I don't want to clean the dishes anymore

Édith Piaf - I Don't Want To Wash The Dishes Anymore

The bank won't give me a loan
They'll leave me to suffer
I'm a broke good-for-nothing
To me, a Mark* is like a baking tin

Dubioza Kolektiv - Broke

O! never say that I was false of heart,
Though absence seem'd my flame to qualify,
As easy might I from my self depart
As from my soul which in thy breast doth lie:

That is my home of love: if I have ranged,

William Shakespeare - Sonnet 109

Even asking me to wait tires me out, words without promise
I have no confidence to tie you up anymore, I can’t give evasive excuses anymore
I couldn’t hide it anymore and just showed you my lacking image
I try to wash away my awfully good-for-nothing and dirty image with my tears

I could see it in your eyes, my swelling sad tears

Baechigi - Shower of tears

You're just a worthless
Good for nothing fuck

Good for nothing fuck

Why must I run?

Crown the Empire - Menace

You big-shot kids, you're all spoiled brats
Say one word, and I'll take your pretty chain for myself
I'm a small criminal, I pull off jobs
Show me your middle finger, you good-for-nothing
I steal your mama's Jeep,
I'm around the block more often than a Kripo[fn]Criminal police..[/fn] agent

Fler - Jackpot

If I bring myself to move, If I can change everything, it all fades to black

Is there a future in useless time? Do I exist in a place like this?
If it comes down to me, if you were to put it into words, you may call me 'good-for-nothing idiot'
Do I exist in a place like this? Do I exist in a time like this?
If I can change someone like me, if I can change myself, will I turn white?

Touhou Project - Bad Apple!!

I've already been told I'm good for nothing, and a waste of oxigen,
I've been nailed to the wall against the sword,
I've even lost my desire to weep,

But I'm back, I'm standing tall and fully awake,
Being a nobody doesn't suit me.

Natalia Jiménez - I believe in me

You have me, but it is good for nothing,
I am yours because a paper says so,
my life is controlled by laws,
but in my heart,
that is the one that feels love,
I am the only one in control.

José Luis Rodríguez - The sea and the sky

It is prohibited to be the one who is double standard and is full of obssession and inferiority,
It is for long that I am like this, it is very hard for me to see some on my place whom do not deserve,
How long should I wait incessantly, we are not illegal, it is the ones who act like a rat,
The ones who are good for nothing, as they merely sit and listen,
Legal is my heart, look, we are not illegal, it is also long time we have not eaten pork steak with whisky,

Amir Tataloo - Prohibited! !ممنوع

'Either you straighten up in the future,
or I get you a helper!'

Are you listening to me, good-for-nothing!

I hate them for being vain,

Paquita la del Barrio - Wicked men

And God help me if I want you at all!

And the pianist keeps playing behind the wall.
He is a good-for-nothing onanist.
He isn't fit to play Chaikovsky music,
And one can even say, he isn't a pianist at all, he's a paederast (instead).

Konstantin Belyaev - Raya, Let Me Be

But sometimes I get nostalgic, when actually I’m complete

Why does it feel like I’m missing something?
Been there and done that, and it’s good for nothing
Everything’s perfect, yeah I’m as content as can be
This is the life for me (This is the life for me, yeah)

Lily Allen - Life For Me

Told me that his sister...well
I have two solutions left
To either hit André
Or to snugglewuggle André's wife <fn> It's a nonsense word possibly based on gougnafier - a 'good for nothing'</fn>
On his balcony
Or maybe stay at home

Jacques Brel - Sober

the light appearing
without warning
tying up my hands
like i'm good for nothing

if nothing else i can dream

Over the Rhine - If Nothing Else

What the hell have I done to destiny
That could have caused its huge grudge ?
He wanted to be a good-for-nothing
Not a knight, even less king.
I would liked to be a peasant

Donjon de Naheulbeuk - Not Even Magus

You're good for nothing, baby
You're not worth a single peny
But still, I let myself get carried away by you

You have nothing to give me
Not even a home, baby (you don't even know my worth)

Ary - Crazy About You

I know you never saw it coming
I saw it for a mile
And now your love is good for nothing
You hide under a smile
Looks like the truth is coming out

Alina Eremia - Played You

Mother, I came back.
Are your knees still there to put my head on?
Mother, I came back.
Me, your son, your good for nothing.

Teoman - Son

It's gonna be tough to get out of it

[ You rotten good for nothing crook
That dream to be respectable
Become the Rolls-Royce of citizens

Soldat Louis - Just a jitter in Do

I burn in the stove, it’s warm, my poems - kind of embarrassing
I have a certificate somewhere on the wall - third place in long jump
Again, I'm good for nothing, maybe it’s better that I go to sleep
Don't look at my pictures

Myslovitz - Man of Glass

But look papa, don't you think about it?
You know very well that wings
Of penguins and mills are good for nothing
But why, papa, go there?
Here life is beautiful

Sophie & Magaly - Papa Penguin

My father and my mother would be
weeping about me for ever[fn]until judgement day[/fn]
If I were to marry one of your sort
O good-for-nothing young man.

But, young girls

Capercaillie - The Face of Srath Bhàn

It makes questionable choices at the most crucial moments
No exemple on the horizon, the place is desert
It doesn't take a lot for starving people to burn their principles
Due to always hear that we were good for nothing
Most ended up believing it
What? Why I am clenchin' teeth?

IAM - The Reasons Of Wrath*

Again, try to rewire
The connections of your tired machine
Well, you know you've been a liar
A good for nothing two-faced go-between

It's my time to be waiting

Sivert Hoyem - Give It A Whirl

And here where hai reply

I know you know what will please no more hiding
You're good for nothing but also
I believe in you just like the first time
Let's say you say that your destiny

Grasu XXL - Mr.Destinity

Ask your father how do ya fall
Like a leave sitting on the ground
Good for nothing except kicking around

She died with her hand stretched out

Damien Rice - Lonely Soldier

Although I don't understand complex things...

Bonds of love aren't useful,
Talking about love is good-for-nothing,
If there wasn't sexual desire, if I wasn't a human
I would prefer to be a beast, I don't care.

Guruguru Eigakan - I don't care

When your father berates you, it's all your life that he challenges
You may have had your license, your tray with honors
Your permit, the World Cup, two Nobel prizes, it will change nothing
You will always have the potential to be a good for nothing
You're responsible for all the misfortunes of the Earth
Of the war, of the rain, of the no-libido of your mother

Casseurs Flowters - When your father berates you

Shouting shouting shouting shouting now, scrub scrub
Breaking the brain, it’s impossible, a fresh hand
Go, screw it in, breaking breaking??
Shouting shouting shouting shouting, now you’re good for nothing

Checking checking checking checking gear up, well

Gacharic Spin - Digital Fiction

You must be lookin' at Québec
And tell yourself, what a comedown.

When you see these good-for-nothing
And all the petty careerists
Running for elections

Les Cowboys fringants - Letter to Lévesque

Tell me how does that feel , tell me , you Bit**
I thought about you every Day and Night
I wasn't good enough
I was a good-for-nothing
Now topmodels love me, thank you

Ardian Bujupi - 2005

He looms in darkness - spying, yet unspied.
Propelled by theft from toiling brows is he -
a good-for-nothing youthful retiree,
whom Father Russia's trough keeps well-supplied.

Paul Abucean - Should I Perchance Arise...

How do you want me to make a hit
I have too many insults in the jaw
Late teens, already an old face
Just good for nothing except to swell the ranks of a horny people
Because life put me on one knee
I'm the only thing that my parents have in common, I keep a bitter taste of it

Gringe - Rat of the tarmac

The world cries for our reality
How can we look at ourselves with vanity,
If we fail humanity?
Good for nothing pigs! good for nothing pigs!

They eat meat, misery and insanity

Canorous - Humanity

The only hope is sign language
I'm your satellite but it's as long as a year that we've lost that gravity between us
The one will find the answer who will find the black box in the debris
I'm a good for nothing rapper, you're an incorrigible bitch
Love is the first to die, hatred is immortal

Basta - Voice

Go ahead, muck about
I got my conscience twisted
Pull your hair, make me shout
It’s just that you insisted I was good for nothing
Like you were onto something

Royal Blood - I Only Lie When I Love You

He was a good-for-nothing, a pathetic victim
was not worth a twopenny toss
A word stuck on his face
ending in 'r'[fn]"loser" I guess[/fn]

All of a sudden the perpetrator appeared

Les Shades - Electric

Push your own way
Even if it's whimsy, that's ok
Even if you're a good-for-nothing, I love you, my darling

You dummy your true self

Buono! - Your True Self

I was the child that was left alone much too soon outcast from my home
Nobody cared about me
I seemed good for nothing and worthless
I was the child that never found comfort anywhere scorned and ridiculed
Never cared for and never spoiled

Artus Excalibur (musical) - What Do I Want

What is it good for? Absolutely nothing
Say it again, war
What is it good for? Nothing

I'm talkin' about war

Bruce Springsteen - War

I traveled on my own
I was a no good for nothing
Suddenly years have passed
I haven't asked for anything

Yıldız Tilbe - You know that love doesn't listen

As I had no religion

In the times when everyone is crazy for money
They have called me good for nothing
As I've been writing poetry

Celal Kabadayi - Since I loved you

Love, my good-for-nothing love
But still, love
Still, love
Love, my good-for-nothing love
For me, it’s you

Sweet Stranger and Me (OST) - Still Love

dili din don dilidon pouri mi.

With short pants and his two-litre bottle in hands.
He shouted at the top of his voice "I'm a good for nothing"

Watching him run as if he had been a rat,

Italian Folk - Barbagal

Because "Hey motherfucker, you little freak,
You're a useless bitch, so suck my dick"
Means "You're a stupid little wretch
And a good-for-nothing"

Or "Hey, motherfucker, don't fuck with me

Taxi - Subtitling in Romania

That makes me feel so sorry

Your day became my meaning
Now my good-for-nothing love has started
Because I’m so late, because I found out so late
I’m so sorry

Jealousy Incarnate (OST) - Because of You

Wash over you and close in on you
I've like their old stuff, but not the new
With their bad tricks they can't entice me
Because I know: They are good for nothing but ripping off money
At the moment it seems they have enough money
Trend is also an argument because my sister already knows them

Die Fantastischen Vier - Popular

the lyrics cut you, I'll hit you with the fucking sickle, you're done for!
I'm a beast on the beat, you can't get a hold of me,
we're holding a meeting, deciding how killer the lyrics should be!
i could have been a fucked-up good-for-nothing retard,
and talk about how life doesn't inspire me at all..
but I didn't become the complete opposite of that for vain,

Killakikitt - I Could Have Been

The inevitable conclusion of a life lived steeped in self-indulgence,
Is unexpectedly linked with the anxiety of living in these dark times.

“And so, to this depressing and ultimately good-for-nothing world,”
Or rather, to such a self-serving excuse, blow them all to kingdom come.

amazarashi - Missile

It is Ali, you have understood it,
He is not Aladdin
Believe me, this [he] is a scoundrel, a good-for-nothing
He steals, he is a bandit
And my duty after all

Aladdin (OST) - Prince Ali

I wonder how it feels to leave without soul
How low you might go before you know
Your hands are good for nothing, I'm the one to blame
Cause in the end there's nothing left anyway

Doom Unit - Killing Time

So I'm back to square one
With Mr Good For Nothing John
Ever since he brought me down,
I can't get off the ground

Christina Grimmie - The One I Crave

Your message to The Great Bear
And the course's path,
A moment made of velvet
Even if it's good for nothing, goes
The wind will take it away
All will disappear but

Noir Désir - The wind will carry us

messing my mouth, messing my mind,
don't know what to say. My tongue's all tied.
Tied up. It's alright. Hey! Whatcha gonna do?
Lips 'ain't good for nothing but kissing you.
The taste of your sweetness, I feel it to my toes,
like chocolate eclair or a honeysuckle rose.

Emilie-Claire Barlow - What a Little Moonlight Can Do

Good-for-nothing is the name they'll remember me by
Done nothin' with my life for no one, I'm just waitin' to die
I turned my back on the world
You know I'd given up on livin' 'til I met you girl

Then you came into my life with come hither in your eyes

Lord Huron - Louisa

You're a risk I can't take

I did everything I could to get you
But now that I look at you I know it's all good for nothing
It was inevitable and easy to believe in a dream that then
You smothered into his arms

Gemelli Diversi - Stay Away From Me

There is nothing to do
With these heathen Indians
They are a race of vipers, of good-for-nothing.
We have to kill these beasts
With a shot in the head.

Pocahontas (OST) - Savages (part 1)

Convicted with no recourse,
to each his time, to each his turn.
So does the rabble spread
and our little good-for-nothing die little by little.
I always have the same dream
that comes to an end at dawn.

Zaho - We just pretend

It’ll be on your knees”

Your eyes which call me
Good for nothing at all
Weakling nancy boy
Limp dick piece of shit

Cali - Your Eyes

If you can forget

I'm my own diary
At home I'm good for nothing
Standing on the mine
Sleeping on the field

Herbert Grönemeyer - On the field


The good-for-nothing must have something
a gift, or so I think.

Patrick Fiori - One day, my day

My people know that nobody shines like me
Others cry when they have to say goodbye to me
I seem like a good-for-nothing I think, but I want everybdy's good.

Even yours, so bring me a big tournedos

Lomepal - Ego

But why did I see you crying? Now I know there's a place for everything,
there's a place for everything, for everything...

They say we're good for nothing and that everything's the same,
soon we will become dust, everything else is made up by us.

Julieta Venegas - We make up everything

The upstairs neighbour gets angry about me
for letting my beard grow and sing my song.
My upstairs neighbour is more man than me.
he says I'm a good-for-nothing fag.
My upstairs neighbour feels like hell
and he can't stand that I have fun,

Joaquin Sabina - My upstairs neighbour

I met her in a cabaret
she was a dancer
and I innocent fell in love
with that good for nothing

When I wanted to take her to a place

Raphael (España) - A woman of life

Give me 100% love

If you have in the palm of your hands
old dreams that are good for nothing

Give me 100% love

Sophie Carle - 100% Love

Even I think I’m so pathetic
But everyone else thinks she’s so loveable
She has great legs and is a great talker
I’m a good-for-nothing but you’re so mean

Bingle bingle, stop switching your words

Big Bang - Bingle Bingle

What will I do when I catch up?
Who knows?

Just look at the glass pane on this good-for-nothing water tank.
At the endless love that we had yesterday.
Ruining it is just too horrible to bear.

POLKADOT STINGRAY - The Immortal Jellyfish

There's no point to this...
For what purpose was I born?
To be a good-for- nothing daughter?
I know that I can't pretend to be someone I'm not
The made-up person reflected in the water seems to me a stranger

Mulan (OST) - Reflection

“Mind that we are not even owners of the earth that needs to be buried!”
“If it be so, I will buy a burial recess!”

Don’t you work like me? You are a good for nothing!
Don’t you earn like me? You are a propertyless!
Don’t you shout like me? Look, no one hears you!

Los Massadores - The Ignodance

No clemency, no elastic rules
Good for nothing, no odyssey
Need to re-deploy my troops
Never been this clear-sighted

Icon of Coil - Mono Overload?

It's Dumbley!

[Mr. Bumble]
Mrs. Dumbley, with all due respect, I would never have allowed myself to come here if the kid was a good for nothing ...

[Mrs. Dumbly]

Oliver Twist, Le Musical (ost) - At the Dumbly's

Go down your own path
Even if you have a random character, that's OK.
Even if you're good for nothing, I love you, My Darling.

Stupid! Say what your true self

Shugo Chara (OST) - Your True Self

Theyve told me that Im good for nothing
And the air i breathe is a waste
They've nailed me against the wall with a sword
Ive even lost the will to cry

Natalia Jiménez - I Believe in Me

We stayed naked for years
Like presents, just wrapped in our arms,
That moment, when I look into your eyes (in german augenblick=moment, but augen=eyes and blick=looking)
I’m a good-for-nothing, but I show you a magic trick
I let all our clothes disappear
From now on we are hidden, until we let us be found again,

Käptn Peng & die Tentakel von Delphi - Tango in Quicksand

You don't know me at all

So don't try to talk about how old is Fitz and that you daddy's sick
A boy is good for nothing, can't give you things
I'm sick of nothing
And all the girls that sing along go "yeah yeah yeah"

Bratmobile - Gimme Brains

You shameless good-for-nothing
You vile, shameless girl
In my house

Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812 - In My House