good riddance

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good riddance (English) — [quote=chetza][/quote]
It means good bye but in an impolite way. when u say "good riddance" to somebody u mean "I am glad to get rid of you (or I'm glad you're leaving) and I don't ever want to see you again."
It is good to be rid (of worthless persons or things).

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good riddance — خلاص شدن از دست كسي يا چيزي

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Translations of "good riddance"

GreekΚαλά ξεκουμπίδια ! / Στον αγύριστο να πας !
Hebrew!ברוך שפטרנו
Persianخوش بود که رفتی
RussianСкатертью дорога!

"good riddance" in lyrics

Know that, I sing about you, from the heart.

Hey, hometown, who could
Tell you good riddance, and not start to cry?
Bitola, my hometown,
Know that I love you, from the heart.

Macedonian Folk - Bitola, my hometown

Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road
Time grabs you by the wrist, directs you where to go
So make the best of this test, and don't ask why
It's not a question, but a lesson learned in time

It's something unpredictable, but in the end it's right.

Green Day - Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)

Did you hear the word about me trying to die?
Fist in the air and a finger to the sky.
Do I care if you hate me? Do you wanna know the truth?
C'est la vie....adiós....good riddance....fuck you!

You can be me and I will be you.

Five Finger Death Punch - Under And Over It

Charlotte: This wind, so beautiful
Garou: Come on let's start over
I'm sailing off
Charlotte: So long (good riddance) sailor

Garou - Hot air, Words

I don't feel anything for you anymore.
I'm off.

(him) That's right, beat it, good riddance.
Give me back the car keys
and slam the door shut when you'll leave.

Maître Gims - Gifts (the blue pill)

What to do, keep me still
Make me like ooh-ahh ooh-ahh
Fake, fake, an empty-hearted fake
Goodbye and good riddance huh (Like ooh-ahh)
What to do, make me speechless
Make me like ooh-ahh ooh-ahh

Twice - Like Ooh-Ahh

that you go away, you go away
the time has come
to say goodbye to each other
I wish you good luck, good riddance
my love
goodbye my love, goodbye my love

Alejandro Fernández - I know already that you will go away

Oh Jonny, yeah, just go home for goodness sake!

Oh Jonny, don’t you even have a conscience?
Oh Jonny, yeah, then get lost and good riddance!
Oh Jonny is your Bono always on break?
Oh Jonny, yeah, just go home for goodness sake!

Jan Delay - Oh Jonny

Her bed is forbidden.
He's fitting, she isn't
She keeps her face hidden.
She told them “Good riddance!”
Her sister brought with them.
She wishes she didn't.

Chlöe Howl - Rumour

Lies, deceptions, blunders surrender very single step of his
Oh poor heart of mine, he broke you with grief and sorrow

Nobody is stopping him! Good riddance to him!
O poor heart of mine, how long will you cherish hope.

Zulaykho Mahmadshoeva - Mad heart

(Don't you come back no more)

[Push T]
Goodbye, good riddance
A period is after every sentence
Did my time with my cellmate

Linkin Park - Good Goodbye

I don't wanna be!

Hello my love,
Well good riddance and farewell to you.
This marks the day we met on your terms.
Hello my hate,

Black Veil Brides - Hello My Hate

Eyes painted red
They ask impatiently where you are
And since it was decided
Good riddance remember me

I got shipwrecked and became a boat submerged in your waters

Giannis Ploutarhos - The Slap of Love

Im not on his mind, if i were his cousin he would have treated me better

good riddance

a thousand good byes

Mirhan Hussein - Saybahalo

I realized you were never really good for me.
Stole my heart and made me bleed.
You made me become what I am, how can you look at yourself.
Good riddance, good riddance!
I pace up and down the gilded cage, break out, away from you,
Life is great.

Fler - Psychopath

Listen, I hope you're listening.
Dismissing my opposition.
Good riddance to all you bitches.
I'm finished with all you bitches.
I'm cooking, I said I'm cooking. Fresh out the pot

Iggy Azalea - Iggy In Moscow

I am the great big mouth

Good riddance - though I'm sad to say
I didn't get to kill you
Rhetoric - Better look both ways

Slipknot - Eeyeore

Alice (Alice)
And even though she is dreaming
She's unlocked the meaning for you
This kingdom good riddance good freedom and innocence
Has brought this world clean down

Shinedown - Her Name Is Alice

I am going home alone; better that to do so with an imbecile,
That is how I decided, don't bicker with this woman.
You are he, who is leaving, I am she, that doesn't want to go back
Good riddance to all failed loves.

Petra Kovačević - It's not catastrophic

to tell the truth, even if it hurts
Why are you looking at me like that?
Then you left
and good riddance.

Extremoduro - Suicide Tango

I wanna take something you can’t live without,
Goodbye, Good riddance,
Well I can smile cause you are finally gone,
Goodbye, Good riddance,
See you later, fuck you, fuck off, so long,
Motherfucker! Motherfucker! Motherfucker!

Al. B. Damned - Motherfucker

No no boy no more
I can’t hide anymore zoomer
Try to hide but I will find you sooner
I find out more and, good riddance
Your made-up fake story, it scares me overdoser man
I clap for you clap clap clap


And never a new love will
Be the same.

Good riddance, good-bye!
Ev'ry trick of his you're on to.
But, fools will be fools -

Judy Garland - The Man That Got Away

No one can stop us now
We're taking back control
Good riddance to one and to all
No one can stop us now
We're taking back control

Bullet for My Valentine - Playing God

I'm erasing the marks
the empty dreams that you gave me to live
I'm erasing your image now
Your lifeless body and goodbye and good riddance

Kyriakos Papailias - I'm erasing the marks

Maybe for their sins, maybe on the way home
Maybe a good riddance, maybe something else

Like stones

Egor i Opizdenevshie - Getting Used

But somewhere right here, my baby, our opinions collide
You are hard headed so good riddance
You are hard headed, I can't stand you anymore
You are hard headed so good riddance
God forgives but I don't
God forgives but I don't

Eleni Hatzidou - Hard headed

Mom and dad, you're beautiful
With bullet holes in your skull
And red looks good on you two
Good bye, good riddance, I hate you
It was a really simple plan
Go in and kill mom and dad

Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13 - The Devil Made Me Do It

Will be in the name of all the time
I wasted with you
Bugger off and sabotage someone else
Good riddance!

Cali - The great day

I knew what happened and what didn’t (I knew everything)
I followed you to the airport
A departure with no return (good riddance)

You don’t think of me

Apo & the Apostles - Lina

"Et tu, Brute" (Did you ever know?)
"Forever and a day" (From a Shakespeare show)
"Good riddance", "Fair play"
"Pure as the driven snow"

Horrible Histories - William Shakespeare Song

And luckily it's time now

I'm breaking up today, I think that
I tolerated you enough, hey good riddance
I'm not changing my mind, stop apologizing
How can I explain it to you, it's over

Stergios Liberis - I'm breaking up today

Good riddance son of rubbish
Enough of your bigmouthing
Good riddance son of rubbish
What ever saliva brought to your mouth, you let it out

Matti Johannes Koivu - Good riddance son of rubbish

You’re too pretty
I’ve seen how
You coolly blow off guys
Good riddance
But when I imagine
Myself becoming one of those guys, I get goosebumps

GOT7 - If Only

who marginalize this Momo scenario,
Morcillo Lopez leaves.
But this won't be a goodbye,
but a good riddance,
because the cuarteto,
the cuarteto in his bullet train,

El Cuarteto de Nos - Morcillo Lopez

Both: ... and leave me behind...

I don't care about anything that you could say to me. Find yourself another Mami who'll take care of you. I don't have the time and do you know what? Don't ever call me again. Fuck you. Good riddance.

Farin Urlaub Racing Team - Behind

You’ll break up with her
even before having started dating
while only saying “I don’t need your love”,
and good riddance!

One doesn’t judge others by oneself,

Alisa Kozhikina - By the Rules of Pick-Up

And never a new love will
Be the same

Good riddance, good-bye!
Every trick of his you're on to
But, fools will be fools

Falsettos (Musical) - The Man That Got Away