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Grafskript (English translation)

  • Artist: Þursaflokkurinn
  • Song: Grafskript Album: Hinn Íslenzki Þursaflokkur
English translationEnglish

Script on a Tomb

Here, under the earth, in the soil,
Rests the body of Sæmundur Klemensson.
He was born in seventeen hundred sixty-three1;
He was given to2 Ingibjörg3, who loved god,
The beloved daughter of Sæmundur4.
He was called to heaven
Where he worships his Redeemer;
There, nobody cries anymore.
Under the symbol of Christ, he fought hard,
For standing his ground, he will get a crown;
Sæmundur Klemensson5 has not died.
  • 1. 1763
  • 2. This could also be translated as "married to" rather than "given to."
  • 3. Ingibjörg was Sæmundur’s wife. From the records I could find, she was born in 1751.
  • 4. Sæmundur, Ingibjörg’s father, was born in 1716.
  • 5. Sæmundur Klemensson died in 1792 at the age of 28 or 29.
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Suggestions are welcomed. Here is the link to a historical record about Sæmundur Klemensson:



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