Pesado - Gracias por tu amor (English translation)

English translation

Thank you for your love

"Thank you for your love"
I didn't looked for you,
You appeared a day from nowhere
And only one watched was enough,
To get inside my heart
I didn't look for you,
You arrived a day I didn't hope to you
And little by little you were entering my soul
And I was losing by you the reason.
I fell in love,
I never thought that it would do it again
And with watching you I feel in the sky,
You have already become my religion.
Thank you for your love,
How can i pay what you do with me?
It gives the force me when I am defeated
You are the center of my heart...
Thank you for your love,
You are an angel that came from the sky,
You are my life which more desire,
You are the living image of the love...
I fell in love.....
Submitted by Shiroi Ryu on Sat, 02/10/2010 - 16:48
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Gracias por tu amor