Grasping at straws

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Grasping at straws (English) — willing to do, say or believe anything in a desperate situation.

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Translations of "Grasping at straws"

Russianхвататься за соломинку

"Grasping at straws" in lyrics

Of what really goes on here

Pound through the room
Grasping at straws
Your heavy feet sound like
Wet stray dogs

Holly Miranda - No One Just Is

"I'm beginning to get glimpses of what is called real life"
He says, meaning misfortune

Deprived is the polar bear, grasping at straws
To safeguard dividends they depend on disbelief
Perplexed, I am unable to breathe in their skin

Enter Shikari - Myopia

The dust beneath her feet.

Like a man drowning
Grasping at straws,
My eyes caught a glance of her
For a moment.

Ivan Franko - Oh this is the path