Gravé dans la roche (English translation)

  • Artist: Sniper
  • Song: Gravé dans la roche
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Carved in Stone

In this rap business
we came hands in our pockets
Back in the day it was 'chuck that beat'
We were doing things on the fly
letting our rage talk
my friends and I
we want to carve this into stone
we're hungry and we have nothing in our stomachs
since then the name has changed
and you how things worked out
everything went so fast
where am I up to?
In real life?
yeah that's what I'm talking about
I'd be lying if I said it were the same
to start off with, I'm less on the straw
I came out of my hole
visited places and started to live
good times with my crew
liking each other
and making our relatives proud
that have known us and that supported us
before all others
this is for the guys back home
night gangs that fight
or those that stay next to the HQ
where I'm in my element
where I spent so much time
not doing anything all and liking it, that I'm like a piece of furniture
that we can't move
like an ink that's impossible to erase
like a tag written in acid, like my name
carved with a candle on the windows the metro
S.N.I.P.E.R with a fucking wording
hey come here
listen, swing
your head if you like it
for our families and our friends
it's carved in stone
coming out of nowhere
it was written, it's not by mistake
one day our name will be
carved in stone
we're not telling go, you're hanging on
we're getting closer to our goal
on disk or under the porch
it's carved in stone
now you're staying the way we are
we're transcribing the life we're living
on disk or on the scene
it's carved in stone
Aket Tuni Blaki
I didn't cahnge
I'm still the same bastard
I don't even turn my coat around
I keep my same principles and my place markers
I don't like being a celebrity, all I do is gather my cash
I have all my points of reference otherwise I'm lost
the family, the gf, the bros, chilled
fuck their hip-hop jet set
I take advantage of the cash that I have
I'm not being american about it, I'm don't worry anything
I'm not a star and I don't want to be one
I'm not better than any other, I didn't walk on the moon
carved in asphalt, carved in stone
just my pen and my friends
I remember when we started
9 7 start of our story
offer to start an album we didn't even believe it
30/01/2001 the machine starts
2003 the business is still on, fuck success
now that we're here,
we intend on staying
carved on the paving stone, liked or hated
the adventure continues and will continue
inch'all who lives will live on
Yow that I nearly stopped weed
stopped rapping in my room
you know ever changed since the 9/11
but for the rest, it's the same
just living the life
you recognised the voice you like
the same voice signature
chacal going full-out
hip hop without any complex
so carved in stone
that I light my zigs with a silex
rich, no always having trouble with money
that incurable sickness that's only treatable with a 12 pack
ah, pretty one, there's worse, I kill myself this way
breath, life is beautiful, it's not spelt A.I.D.S
still the same disgusting bastard, efficient, rapacious
who's looking nice, aka Tunisiano
my first struggle
like my first sounds,
my first steps in the studio
like the first steps on the moon
the same rakli, the same shit going on
Hourti selacem mrouti ou zoukiharti / Hourti erras mrouti ou zouk yha3ti
The same stories gossips of J.Lo or R.Kelly
to the of B.I.G to that of Lady Diana on the Alma bridge
here you shake your head, this album leaves you in trance
Sniper carved in stone, we're back to shock France
Aketo, I rap my life, we're persisting, we never let go
Whatever we tell you
We want to control this network
Only if god wills it we'll get it
stained with our emblem the world is ready for everything
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Gravé dans la roche

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