Green with envy

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Green with envy (English) — Consumed by envy, envious to the point where it's noticeable to others

English, explained by Llegó Dolor Del Corazón on Thu, 25/08/2016 - 16:25

Green with envy — Ζηλιάρης

Greek, explained by Stavroula on Sat, 27/08/2016 - 09:48

Green with envy — Πράσινος από τη ζήλεια

Greek, explained by SoPink on Tue, 30/08/2016 - 06:31

Green with envy — Verde d'invidia (Essere verdi dall'invidia. Il verde è considerato il colore dell'invidia, quindi chi è invidioso è verde).

Italian, explained by FrozenHeart on Sun, 14/05/2017 - 17:56

Green with envy — Позеленевший от зависти

Russian, explained by Mike123 on Fri, 12/05/2017 - 21:26

Green with envy — Känner sig avund

Swedish, explained by SoPink on Tue, 30/08/2016 - 06:33

Translations of "Green with envy"

SpanishVerde de envidia

"Green with envy" in lyrics

Eh, just go ask around about me, they will make you write for pages
I cried but i get it now, it won't work
All the things i lived will be leaked to you by everyone
You will be green with envy, your curse will, by george, take affect

I am not going to think about the tomorrows and cry

Murat Boz - Fast and furious


Sharks green with envy
They wondered what you see in me
Funny but sometimes can't help but wonder that as well

Train - Mermaid

Of my husband's lowly dwelling.
"At the door were eyes of strangers,
Sable eyes at the partition,
Green with envy in his cabin,
Evil heroes in the back-ground,
From each mouth the fire was streaming,

Elias Lönnrot - The Kalevala

But that's all history
Time they all understood
What they call "green with envy"
I just call "looking good"

Once Upon a Time (OST) - Wicked Always Wins

"GionnyScandal that arsehole", "What a shitty song"

Can you do better? So, grab paper and pen and show us
how cool you can be, you are just green with envy!
I have 14-year-old girls among my fans, you don't even have them! At your live shows, there's just you and a friend of yours like at a rally. I have Justin Bieber fans and Katy Perry fans:
the first ones bring money, the second ones are good for making the bed.

GionnyScandal - Famous last words

They keep evil thoughts in their hearts (what you dont know)
You can't let them knock your hustle
Not letting them know how much you struggle
They turn green with envy when your on top
And dem heart is full with strife
Their by gonna try to take your life

Rihanna - Dem Haters

Τα κάνει όλα για να με τρελαίνει
(she does "all" these [things] to "drive me nuts")
Τα κάνει όλα για να την ζηλεύω
(she does "all" these [things] to make me "green with envy")
Τα κάνει όλα για να με πεθαίνει
Τα κάνει όλα για να την λατρεύω

Antoniadis Christos - Mou'xei kanei magia

She does everything to drive me crazy
(she does "all" these [things] to "drive me nuts")
She does everything for me to be jealous of her
(she does "all" these [things] to make me "green with envy")
She does everything to kill me
She does everything for me to adore her

Xristos Antoniadis - She put a spell on me

Here's a mirror, notice the resemblance here?
Wait, let me put these sunglasses on, now look in this mirror
How about now? What do you have in common?
You're both green with envy and look like idiots with sunglasses on 'em
You look like I sound like, singing about weenies
Now take my weenie out of your mouth

Eminem - Big Weenie

Forget your friends, what good are they?
Suckers filled with words that chide
Heads green with envy, but orange with pride
Screaming at that pumpkin tide

Homestuck - Pumpkin Tide

Knowing you have found another love
Has turned me world to sorrow

Green with envy for another
Fearing she may be the one to soar
Through life with you, can't lose these

Miles Davis - Blue in Green

No we ain't doing nothing

I'm telling all my friends that it's pretty casual
They're turning green with envy
Seeing me while I'm riding with ya, with ya, with ya
Depending on the minute and depending on the hours

Nelly Furtado - Parking Lot

Will you wish too?
Two wishes are better than one, dude!

Green with envy,
But thanking you profusely.
You've been great,

Lower Than Atlantis - BEECH LIKE THE TREE

I sent myself a dozen roses
Right before the office closes
Just to make my girlfriends green with envy
Ever since I lost you
All the crazy things I do

Martina McBride - Anything's Better Than Feeling The Blues

I answer that it arrests, I set free
That it puts loves in sleep, I wake them
And the time gets green with envy
It watches me wanting to learn
How do I die of love to try relive

Nana Caymmi - An Answer to the Time

Well nothing easy springs to mind.
Powerful men and gentlefolk,
Some are very special, some are a joke.
He is black but she is blue, they're green with envy for your brand new shoes.
Everybody wants your jimmy choos,
We pity the man with the bare feet blues.

Eric Stewart - It's in the Blood

It's been four months without my best friend (mom)
My mom was always in my corner, even when I was arrested
Even, when I was in the wrong she'd defend me
But she's with God now believe you me, I'm green with envy (of both)
I can't believe my life some times, I need to write some rhymes
Keeps me sane when everything else isn't quite sublime

Copywrite - Confessional

I dreamed, I dreamed within a dream

Thorns sprout from your body
And red roses become green with envy[fn]Literally "become pale"[/fn]
Salt is born in our eyes
Because we've become lost

Letzte Instanz - Dream within a dream

We escaped, my mind triumphed
and saved humankind from doom
the Königsbergers will be green with envy
if the nobel prize will be awarded to me

Tanz der Vampire (Musical) - Dance Of The Vampires

To a rhythmic beat, just the way we like it.

Snow white thighs[fn]Lit. Legs[/fn], so lovely !
They'd make you green with envy, the young molam-sing's pale-skinned legs.
The dancers on the stage, with their wiggling hips !
As for the molam-sing, just listen as she sings: it's both rythmic, entertaining, and it lasts...

Yinglee Sijumpol - The young molam-sing's white thighs

I suppose is a lie
Everything dies and everything changes
I was never one to have a green thumb
And I’m green with envy
Of the me that was young and unwise and unknowing
The thorns are showing

ABRA. - Roses

You can show that to all of your friends
This, this is your song
Your song all alone
Believe me, your friends will go green with envy
You fucking whore

Kraftklub - Your Song

I was late just for two minutes
And you are looking at the clock like mad
You kept calling me
And you turn green with envy again
Please don't start saying the same things
That tire me

Natalia Mavrogianni - Independence

Please tell me, what are you doing?
Because I'm telling you now: what a little miracle!
Your girl friends are green with envy
For nobody can forgive you for that

Peter Igelhoff - You keep getting younger, my little lady

fate is such a trickster.
I think the rose is in bloom now,
the gardener can be proud.
We'll make them all green with envy.
Your light is so beautiful,
oh, everything I have came from you.

Olivia Ruiz - The white cabaret

날 밑 봤다간 chi pow
I’m B A D B A D
Make a \on and USD
You are green with envy
내 차례 killing you and beat

NADA (Wassup) - Trippin' (공식 뮤직비디오 )

[Verse 3]
The art of war is poetry too
Hands in other hands in front of my house
The sheets are still green with envy
Lie well or make up an excuse at least

Giorgieness - Tell Me Tell Me Tell Me