Grit one's teeth

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Grit one's teeth (English) — To clench or grind (biting hard) one's teeth.
1. To deal with, see through a difficult situation without displaying true emotions or complaints.
2. To display extreme fear or pain making speaking impossible while doing so.

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Translations of "Grit one's teeth"

Englishto bite the bullet
EnglishTake one for the team
FrenchSerrer les dents
Germandie Zähne zusammenbeissen
ItalianStringere i denti
ItalianFar buon viso a cattivo gioco
RomanianA strânge din dinți

"Grit one's teeth" in lyrics

Dear you are so elegant
I explode for you my dear
I'm not able to break ties
You made me grit one's teeth
Love has got its reasons
You are a rose on my horizon

Ararat 94 - Love has no rules