Amália Rodrigues - Grito (English translation)

English translation


Of the silence, I make a scream
My whole body hurts
Let me cry a little.
Wandering from shadow to shadow
There's repressed sky today
from shadow to shadow
I have lost my senses
Sky above, I claim
Here I miss light
Here I miss a star
And one cries more
when lives to follow it
And I,...
of whom sun has forgotten
Am the one whom the world lost
I only cry by now
Because the dead don't cry anymore
Not even you are unabridged in me
There's always a companion
A deep bitterness
Oh loneliness,
you, who were scorpion
Oh loneliness,
and stinged yourself the head
I went away to far beyond this life already
For what I were someday, I feel thirsty already
I am sorrowful shadow,
laid in a wall
Life which so long lasts
Come, oh death, which so long dawdles
Oh, how it hurts in me
the loneliness, almost a madness
Submitted by algebra on Mon, 26/10/2009 - 21:58
Author's comments:

Beautiful and sad grieve tune:)



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