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groupie (English) — rock grubu üyeleriyle tanışma umuduyla -özellikle cinsel ilişki kurmak için- peşlerinden koşan kız hayran

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"groupie" in lyrics

How to regret if it's me who decide that all have to finish here?
You'll see no more guy like me
You, you take me for your groupie
I warned you, I don't stay
Oh please, I don't hold back you

Vitaa - Game over

In the land of Gods and Monsters
I was an Angel...
looking to get fucked hard.
Like a groupie incognito posing as a real singer...
Life imitates art.

Lana Del Rey - Gods and Monsters

Tu vas regretter tous ces moments à t'accrocher comme ça ! (OON)
Comment regretter si c'est moi qui décide que tout s'arrête là ? (OON)
Tu reverras plus de mec comme moi !
Toi tu m'as prise pour une groupie du Wa !
J't'avais prévenu je n'reste pas !
Je t'en prie je n'te retiens pas !

Vitaa - Game Over (Fin de partie)

Μα εσύ έχεις την μουσική
έχεις την μουσική μέσα σου, έτσι δεν είναι;
Πέρα στην Δυτική Ακτή, αγαπούν τις ταινίες τους
Τους χρυσούς Θεούς τους και τις ροκ εν ρολ groupie
και εσύ έχεις την μουσική
έχεις την μουσική μέσα σου, έτσι δεν είναι;

Lana Del Rey - Δυτική Ακτή

No es mi culpa que ella quisiera conocerme
Ella me dijo que era sólo un amigo
Ella bajó como ella sabe que sé
Nos dio como una groupie
Y eso es la realidad, nada inventado
Frió nigga vuelve el verano al invierno

Omarion - Donde Se Exhibe

[Verse 2: Busta Rhymes]
Seven star hotels, Maybach, movie sick
Big bitches, knock-kneed camel-toed groupie shit
Women walk around while security on camelback
Club on fire now, niggas don't know how to act

Busta Rhymes - Arab Money

You wanna slap my ass
You wanna own my hand
You wanna use me
Excuse me, I ain't no groupie

Bob Sinclar - Groupie

um årh um årh um årh um årh

That’s existing
You say you want to try the forbidden, girl. Then blug my your naked as so I can toot it. Spank your booty, lick your pussy. Let my put my fat cock in your chocolate. You’re not a groupie just a nice girl who thinks Emil has style, and have seen my profile at the dirty magazines. Amateur section there is a huge dick at your dinner. Tied of all the nasty people - let me be your secret lover. I’ll give you what you dream of and want. Electricity or chains, but your fingers together and put them all into your crotch. Let me spank you and lick your ass. Let’s try what is forbidden and dirty. Behind the bush, then you can suck my dick

Do Sodo sam buddas

Suspekt - Kinky Cousin

Ayy, shit was legendary
Threw a TV out the window of the Montage
Cocaine on the table, liquor pourin', don't give a damn
Dude, your girlfriend is a groupie, she just tryna get in
Sayin', "I'm with the band"
Ayy, ayy, now she actin' outta pocket

Post Malone - rockstar

Sie wissen bei dem Maghrebi läuft so wie Benzema
Dribbel mich durch so wie Ben Arfa
Die Scheine sind bunt so wie Textmarker
Die russische Hoe auf dem Beifahrersitz ist ein Groupie von mir und heißt Svetlana
Ficke Töchter von Oligarchen, Geschäfte mit Scheichs aus den Emiraten
Akhi, nie wieder Depri-Phasen wie Shore-Junkies auf Chemikalien

Miami Yacine - Kokaina

I'm fucking crazy with the kicks, call me Jean Claude

About to be a bigger star than my mum thought
'Cause every day I got a groupie at my front door
Now I drive past the bus I used to run for
Where's my fucking clap, where's my encore?

Tinie Tempah - Pass Out

En una tierra de dioses y monstruos
Yo era un ángel...
Buscando ser jodida fuertemente.
Como un groupie incógnito posando como una verdadera cantante.
La vida imita el arte.

Lana Del Rey - Dioses y Monstruos

Yea, nummer 1 på din hitlist',
Når hun ser mig er hun på mig ligesom Friedrich,
Når hun ser mig er hun på mig som en groupie,
og - spinder lidt for mig med hendes - schhh!
Farlig, uartig

PULS - Dope

Au pays des Dieux et des Monstres
J'étais un Ange
Qui voulait se faire baiser
Comme une groupie inconnue imitant une vraie chanteuse
La vie s'inspire de l'art

Lana Del Rey - Dieux et Monstres

It's not my fault she want to know me
She told me you was just a homie
She came down like she knew me
Gave it up like a groupie
And that's facts, no printer
Cold nigga turn the summer to the winter

Omarion - Post To Be

Just tell her that she look good when I'm over there
In the first play, pour one up
Baby don't be too thirsty
Groupie love ain't ever gon' work
See hoes ain't loyal and never keep it lowkey
That ain't alright

Kid Ink - Hotel

With a ratchet bitch (bitch), you laid up (stupid ass)
I'm on my tour bus fucking mamas getting paid up
I take that bitch to my mansion (mansion) and a nigga can't pay her to leave (leave)
Yo mama a great head doctor (groupie), with no PhD (groupie)
My pockets stuffed with dough, I made it all in the streets
I might just go to the club, and throw it all on a freak

Big Sean - Milf

Is it because you love me that y'all expect so much of me?
You little groupie bitch, get off me, go fuck Puffy
Now because of this blonde mop that's on top
and this fucked up head that I've got, I've gone pop?

Eminem - Marshall Mathers

Vuoi usarmi
Vuoi possedere la mia mano
Vuoi usarmi
Scusami, non sono una groupie

Bob Sinclar - Groupie

T'etais dans le bus pour la vie de reve sur une triste melodie,
Tu revais ports d'armes, de caisses, de jantes hors gamme, d'une ptite dame, d'avoir les dernieres Airs Jordan,

Repose En Paix Ne Me Dis Pas Lettre A Coeur Ouvert Juste Pour Le Week End Girlfriend Ghetto Girl Hey Tyron Hustler Music Mon Hold Up Groupie Love

Tyron Carter - Repose en Paix

În țara monștrilor și a zeilor
Eram un înger...
Ce căuta să și-o ia rău de tot.
Precum un groupie necunoscut dându-se drept un artist adevărat...
Viața imită arta.

Lana Del Rey - Zei și monștri

You came here, won't quit
Girl you are... I know that you freaky girl
I keep your secret, them other ladies don't mean nothing
You're my favorite chick, I don't like them groupie hoes
Baby you're my dear
You can call me big daddy, let me call you all the time

Usher - Can't Stop Won't Stop

Can't believe I almost flew the coop for some stupid whore
You used to say all you wanted was for me to be yours
All I ever wanted from you was a few booty calls
If you recall I used to treat you like a groupie broad
When we fucked I refused to even take my jewelry off
But it threw me off the first time I called and you blew me off

Eminem - Spend Some Time

- cosa?
[MB:] una ricerca mistica sull’Isola di Tortuga, a mystical quest to the isle of tortuga, il corvo oscilla alla brezza dell’oceano.
[Andy] si, questo è stato piuttosto strano, ma siamo tornati nel club
A comprare il bar, così le groupie ci mostreranno un po’ del loro amore
[MB:] Keira Knightley
Cazzo di Ice-Man, io sono il Top-Gun

The Lonely Island - Jack Sparrow

Trying to control perspective like an acid flashback
But here's a quotable for every single record exec
Get your fucking hands out my pocket, nigga, like Malcolm X
But this ain't a movie, I'm not a fan or a groupie
And I'm not that type of cat, you can afford to miss if you shoot me
Curse to heavens and laugh when the sky electrocutes me

Immortal Technique - Industrial Revolution

smæk i din booty
Og slik i din pussy
La mig stik en fed pik i din nuggi
Du ik en groupie bare en god pige der sys Emil kører go stil
Og har set min profil i de beskidte blade
Amatør sektionen med en kæmpe stor pik i din middagsmad

Suspekt - Kinky Fætter

You say you wanna get in my Benz?

Well, use me, use me
'Cause you ain't that average groupie
I've seen them dancin'
To hell with romancin'

Sir Mix-A-Lot - Baby Got Back (I Like Big Butts)

That's crazy how she loves him
That's beautiful how she loves him
The pianist's groupie
The pianist's groupie

Michel Berger - The Pianist's Groupie

If we can get it on
My head is craked on alcohol and weed
But if you mention your name and you mention a drink then I'll surely pay
Here are some groupie girls, Houchie girls, always wearing gucci girls
but when you open your mouth then something tells me you're more than that
Put your hand in my pocket and search for my phone

Bring Det På - Tag Din Telefon

Yea, Nummer 1 auf deiner Hitliste!
Wenn sie mich sieht wirkt sie auf mich wie Friedrich,
Wenn sie mich sieht wirkt sie auf mich wie ein Groupie,
Und - spinnt ein bisschen für mich mit ihrem - shhh!
gefährlich, unartig

PULS - Dope

Want je bent zo beautiful
Als je met je booty in dat mooie strakke broekje komt
Wil ik dat je mij verwent, windt er maar geen doekjes om
Bounce en maak je moves ik ben op zoek naar nog wat groupie love


Yes-R & Darryl - Groupie Love

[couplet1 : 2chainz]
Donne nous en ce jour notre pain quotidien
"Si t'es une groupie, va voir ailleurs si j'y suis"
Je m'occupe de toi, fais ton lit, approche ton visage
J'ai un mouvement qui brisera tes jambes, tu sais de quoi je parle

2 Chainz - Extremement bénie

Očekujete li toliko od mene zato što me volite?
Mala groupie kurvice, skini mi se, idi se jebati s Puffyjem*
Sada sam, zbog ovog plavog govna na glavi
I ovog sjebanog mozga, postao pop-pjevač?

Eminem - Marshall Mathers

Diz aí, você quer entrar na minha Benz?

Bem, use-me, use-me
Porque Você não è uma groupie como as outras
Eu as vi dançar
Pro inferno com o romance

Sir Mix-A-Lot - A Garota Tem Bunda Grande (Gosto das bundas grandes)

Ne mogu vjerovati da sam zamalo pao na neku glupu kurvu
Govorila si da želiš samo da budem tvoj
Sve što sam ikad htio od tebe je par poziva za seks
Ako se možeš sjetiti, prije sam te tretirao kao groupie djevojku
Kad smo se jebali, i nakit sam odbijao skinuti
Ali to me prošlo kad sam te prvi put zazvao i oborila si me s nogu

Eminem - Provedi neko vrijeme

cause your so beautifull
when you come with you tight booty in those tight jeans
i want you to pleasure me, don't beat about the bush
Bounce and make your moves,im looking for some groupie love


Yes-R & Darryl - Groupie Love

Yea, number one on your chart,
When she sees me, she seems like Friedrich to me,
When she sees me, she seems like a groupie to me,
and - spins a bit for me with her - schhh!
Dangerous, naughty

PULS - Dope

Men det betyder inte ett skit för dig
Nu är du upptagen
Med en intim konversation
Med en ung groupie eller två
Dom säger "players älskar dig bara
när dom spelar spel"

Mariah Carey - Den Rätte

Ma tu hai la musica
Hai la musica in te, giusto?
Nella costa occidentale amano i loro film
I loro dei d'oro e le groupie rock-n-roll
E tu hai la musica
Hai la musica in te, giusto?

Lana Del Rey - Costa Occidentale

Female pulchritude and luminosity, direct from their
Global perambulations to the very boards of this
Supremely magnificent proscenium arch -
Ladies and gentlemen; I give you famous groupies!

Wings - Famous Groupies

hvis vi kan få det on/
Mit hovede er knaldet på alkohol og tjald/
Men hvis du nævner dit navn og du nævner en drink så skal jeg nok betale/
Her er nogle groupie piger, Houchie piger, altid klædt i gucci piger/
men når du åbner munden så fortæller det mig du' lidt mere/
Tag din hånd i min lomme og søg efter min phone/

Bring Det På - Pick Up Your Phone

Plus que tout elle l'aime, c'est beau comme elle l'aime.
Elle l'aime, elle l'adore.
C'est fou comme elle aime, c'est beau comme elle l'aime.
La groupie du pianiste ! La groupie du pianiste !

Michel Berger - La Groupie du paniste

Now I don't need anything, tomorrow I want everything. It's a lottery win to grow with Rähinä.
Two times a year the uncle dances funnily. The old mate even asks us to raise our hands in the air.
At those times something kibbles deep inside. This one guy thinks I'm the OG of Finnish rap.
Someone appreciates the drunken groupie. 10 released songs, think about that.
At home the dear wife and Otto-man. Schedules locked, calendar full. Little man can teach the squares. That's why I can, I won't, I will stop.

Timo Pieni Huijaus - Strokes of luck

But that don't mean s*** to you
You're currently engaged
In an intimate conversation
With a young groupie or two
They say "players only love you
when they're playing games"

Mariah Carey - One And Only

according to our own plan.
Without a goal, simply away, when do we get there?
And no I need no hype
No groupies, no fame, just the two of us at the beach.
All well. It's OK.

Kayef - With You

Then I need the money

He talking to me
Like I'm a groupie
He's at the bar, and
He wanna touch my booty

Lady Gaga - Kaboom

nach 'nem eigenen plan.
ohne ziel, einfach weg, wann sind wir eigentlich da?
und nein ich brauch keinen hype.
keine groupies und fame nur wir beide am strand.
alles gut. ist ok

Kayef - Mit dir

cause your so beautifull
when you come with you tight booty in those tight jeans
i want you to pleasure me,dont wind it up
Bound and make your moves,im looking for some groupie love


Yes-R & Darryl - Groupie Love

heißer als ein Waffeleisen, schreibe meine ?,
sobald du diesen Track hörst, wirst du bleicher als ne Wasserleiche.
und während du mir zusiehst und wartest, werd' ich Groupie des Jahres,
habe Groupies und Bares, mach mit Rap jetzt ne Million,
Kid, polier den Klingelton, 2009 und ich bin draußen wie 'n Dixiklo.

Cro - Oh

You know that Maghrebi [fn] Maghrebians are the native inhabitants of the Maghreb in Northwest Africa [/fn] run the same as Benzema [fn] a French professional footballer [/fn]
Dribble me through like Ben Arfa [fn] French winger footballer [/fn]
The certificates are colourful as the text markers
The russian hoe on the passenger sit is a groupie [fn] a young woman, who regularly follows a pop music group, like a fan [/fn]of mine and her name is Svetlana
Fuck the daughters of Oligarchs [fn] a very rich businessman with a great deal of political influence [/fn], businesses with sheikhs from the emirates
Akhi [fn] arabic name for brother [/fn] never again depression phases like the Shore Junkies [fn] Shore is a drug - opioid heroin [/fn] like chemicals

Miami Yacine - Cocaine

I'm straight chilling cooling out wit cuties
21 and over ain't messing wit juvies
Girls always talking about
I ain't no groupie
I ain't stupid I know what the truth be
You was up chilling with yeezy last week

The Black Eyed Peas - Do It Like This

I Do suppose
Ignorance is bliss truth be told
They say go smash these groupie hoes
N Spend money on some newer clothes
N put poison up through your nose

G-Eazy - Don't let me go

you dreamed about harbors of arms, of rims aside the serial, (?) of a little dame,and to have the last Airs Jordan,

+ de paroles Repose En Paix Ne Me Dis Pas Lettre A Coeur Ouvert Juste Pour Le Week
End Girlfriend Ghetto Girl Hey Tyron Hustler Music Mon Hold Up Groupie Love
A little prince from the 'dalles'(=building made with precast concrete slabs),bypassing the BAC(=university-entrance diploma) and the shots,a little black illegal,who is attacked by the life among the ill,listen to my pray for a haughty brother,gory wounds,for our griefs of yesterday

Tyron Carter - Repose en Paix

I sneak out the house on a sleepless summer night
I go down the hill, rolling something on my tongue
A LINE groupie into Village Vangard, niche bands, and a crazed laugh
Just the same as the other city kids swimming in toys

Galileo Galilei - The Banana Fish and Beach and Black Rainbow

You're gonna regret all those moments carrying on like that
Why regret when it's me who decides that everything stops here?
You won't see any guy like me again
You, you mistook me for a groupie of Wa'
I warned you, I'm not staying
You're welcome, I'm not holding you back

Vitaa - Game Over

See when I'm tourin' I don't take her
So she get filled with anger, thinkin' another woman is gon' replace her
She standing in tears of emotion knee deep
I keep tryna tell her "Why? I ain't fuckin' no groupie!"
She don't believe me
My career is so deceiving

Hopsin - Tears To Snow


Now I done sold my fuckin soul to the shit that I kick
While you groupie ass niggaz keep on ridin the dick
You oughta know that DJ Quik ain't your average everyday motherfucker
(hah) Slick like a snake cause I stuck ya

DJ Quik - Dollaz + Sense

Early morning virus,
Fairy tale,
MTV groupie,
I owe tonight's messed up ballad
To you.

Joaquin Sabina - Fourth row blonde

Sürtük, ultraviyole ışınlarından daha ateşliyim
Nicki Minaj'ın çıplak olması düşüncesinden ve kalça sallamasından da daha ateşliyim
Senin kendi şovunda senin groupie'ni çalabilecek kadar ateşli
Gucci'nin suratındaki dondurmayı* eritebilecek kadar ateşli
Ve şimdi seni birden ateş basıyor

Hopsin - Hopsin'in Hasta Zihni 4

We will take a Groupie

Yeah we will take a Groupie

Samir & Viktor - Groupie

Got me like Yeah, I'm Gucci.... Farragamo an louie
No department stores im in boutiques
If it ain't high class it don't suit me
Got that bubbleisious, that chewy. Make yo man act like a groupie
You like fruit? then imagine I'm smoothie
Pussy monster.... give me that tunchi

Iggy Azalea - Down South

add a good filter, to get some glitter
and I don't get why they bother people
I know its ok if you get happy
so if I may, i count to three, are you ready, use my groupie hashtag

take a selfie, take, take a selfie

Uniikki - Take a Selfie

Bitch, I'm hotter than a UV ray
Hotter than the thought of Nicki Minaj naked, making her booty shake
Hot enough to pull up to your show and steal your groupie date
Hot enough to melt the ice cream that's on Gucci's face
And now you having hot flashes

Hopsin - Ill Mind of Hopsin 4

Man with all this red carpet shit, baby
You know what I'm saying, Future Hendrix
I'mma do that favor, drippin' flavor in you two piece
I'm gonna keep my promise, never treat you like a groupie
Calamari dinners, got you eatin' raw sushi
Still in the trap, but I like my bitches bougie

DJ Khaled - Do You Mind

Nowadays chicks wanna call a kid baby
As soon as they find out I rap, shit's crazy
But I do play along, yo I can’t front
I give in to every groupie with a fat butt
London to Japan, Hong Kong to Iran
Chicks say I’m the man

G-Eazy - Fried Rice

Sie wissen bei dem Maghrebi läuft so wie Benzema
Dribbel mich durch so wie Ben Arfa
Die Scheine sind bunt so wie Textmarker
Die russische Hoe auf dem Beifahrersitz ist ein Groupie von mir und heißt Svetlana
Ficke Töchter von Oligarchen, Geschäfte mit Scheichs aus den Emiraten
Akhi, nie wieder Depri-Phasen wie Shore-Junkies auf Chemikalien

Miami Yacine - kokaina

Δεν φταίω εγώ που θέλει να με γνωρίσει
Μου είπε ότι είσαι απλά φιλαράκι
Ήρθε κατα πάνω μου λες και με ήξερε
Τα παράτησα όπως ένας groupie [fn] αυτός που ακολουθεί τυφλά κάποιον [/fn]
Και αυτά είναι γεγονότα, όχι δημοσιεύματα [fn] [/fn]
Ο παγωμένος μαύρος κάνει το καλοκαίρι χειμώνα

Omarion - ('Οπως) Πρέπει να είναι

And would it bother you, to know I'll run to him next time you leave? oh yeah eh
When you hit the road n disappear and leave me here
I'm not sure what you're doin' out there or who you're doin' it with
Oh you're probably at some sweet hotel with some groupie whore
But what the hell or maybe that's just somethin' I tell myself

Jessie James - Guilty

Git down groupie wow wow wow
Git down on you mama
Git down on him now
Git down groupie wow wow wow

Cher - Git Down (Guitar Groupie)

Bitches getting bitches when I tell 'em who the sight's on
Have these girls runnin' like roaches with the lights on

They been on that groupie shit
We been on that Gucci shit
Apple Cherry Gucci clique

Azealia Banks - US

Virus de la madrugada
cuento de hadas
groupie de MTV
la balada despeinada
de esta noche te la debo a tí.

Joaquin Sabina - Rubia de la cuarta fila

Either way either you on my nuts
But, whateva you thinkin won't stop this supa star
This world is mine to rape
Fuck it like stupid groupie broads
Use a magnum extra-large
But I'd ooh rather do it raw

Deuce - Till I Drop

And she needs me, I'm always ready.
She doesn't want other boys, I'm all she wants,
She's lady I share my heart with,
She's not a groupie, gonna be strange to any other man,
Because I love her and I'm her real man,

Yassir - Beautiful

Achtung, hier kommt Farid Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang

[Part 2]
Du zeugst mit deinem Groupie 'nen Sohn, während ich Cash mit Huren verkoks
Diese Rapper suchen den Tod, keiner wird von den Kugeln verschont
Meine Motivation, ich geb deiner Crew Munition

Farid Bang - Mütter in der Trennungsphase

Vi ska ta en Groupie

Ja vi ska ta en Groupie

Samir & Viktor - Groupie

Been through mad crews, you disloyal hoochie
Now all of a sudden you back with Drake and Tunechi?
After he said you sucked his dick, you back with Gucci?
Who next, Puff, Deb or Fendi? You a A-list groupie
And to be the Queen of Rap, you gotta actually rap
The whole industry know that your shit is a wrap

Remy Ma - ShETHER

She may look a little made up
Especially around the eyes
A little groupie, a little droopy
But once they were quite a prize
Yes you should of seen her 21 years ago

Cher - Miss Subway Of 1952

In dem Land von Gott und Monster
War ich ein Engel.
Suchte einen Weg gefickt zu werden.
Wie ein Groupie incognito stellte mich als eine echte Sängerin.
Leben imietiert die Kunst.

Lana Del Rey - Gott und Monster

Turneye çıkarken onu yanıma almadığımdan
öfkeyle doluyor, onun yerine başka bi kadın bulacağımı düşünüyor
Göz yaşlarıyla dikilip boğazına kadar duyguyla doluyor
Sürekli ona "Neden? Hiç bi groupie ile sikişmiyorum!" diyorum
ama bana inanmıyor
Kariyerim aldatmacadan ibaret

Hopsin - Gözyaşlarından Kara

All these bitches hate you
This is something I know
Because you really love to give it up
There ain't nothing wrong with groupie love
You're the only one I notice
It's really hard for me to focus, yeah

The Weeknd - Gifted

En heeft ze me nodig, sta ik altijd klaar,
Ze wil geen andere boys, ik ben alles wat zij wil
Zij is the lady met wie ik mijn haartje deel
Ze is geen groupie, gaat niet vreemd met elke man
Daarom hou ik van haar en ben ik haar echte man

Yassir - Beautiful

Your words sound like a metronome,
In bold italics.
And I am waiting for only you,
Like a crazed groupie.

Kerredine Soltani - Take Me

Plus she good at charmin' cobras, I feel like I'm chosen
But she ain't the only one, no
Got a chick, I call her Katia, she be actin' bougie
Then she came through and topped me off, now she just a groupie
Got the aura of the Mafia, her friends wish they knew me
But they ain't the only ones, no, no

Russ - What They Want

I used to pop blues with my lil' chick
I call her boo cuz her real one I will forget
I use a Uber to scoop me to SLS
What you expect, a little groupie to see my crib?
Oh no, these niggas ain't serious
Man they really ain't serious

Wale - The Girls on Drugs

Endless Summer, please go back to that shit"
Ain’t shit changed, got the facts to back it
Uh huh, and I don’t give a fuck if the truth be told
‘Cause I been doing drugs with these groupie hoes
Drunk listening to Gucci throwed
Last night, yeah, I found a slut

G-Eazy - Monica Lewinsky

C: But of course you've fucked her, you took me for a novice
You call her "sexy mami" and you tell me that it's your cousin
Because you know me very badly, I don't have time for your foolishness
Before it go in freestyle, go away see your groupie
B: What's all the hubbub, why don't you trust me
You gives me rabies, you don't have big on consciousness

Black M - Throw your phone

Eye's Chinese tight, but I don't, work at Yums
Juicy so high I feel like that I am on a cloud
Weed don't talk, but the shit I got here loud
After the show we grab the groupie hoes, I'm smokin' out
No smoke for free, no IOU's, no I don't do no vowels

Juicy J - Juicy J Can't

And Gertrude the groupie waits out in the cold for the very next group to come in

And some folks loves ham hocks and some folks loves pork chops and some folks loves vegetable soup
And Roland the roadie loves Gertrude the groupie, but Gertrude the groupie loves groups

Dr. Hook - Roland The Roadie And Gertrude The Groupie

But I can make you love me forever
I can make you love me forever, yeah

Them older bitches jealous, say she a groupie whore
But every woman in this world was you before
See everybody wish to porn that superstar

Lil Wayne - One Night Only

Groupie love
Groupie love
Groupie love
Groupie love

Lana Del Rey - Groupie Love

I been up for three days
I live that shit that I say
I'm getting stoned, out on stage
Take a groupie, go berserk
I got cake, no dessert
In the game, twenty years

Juicy J - If It Ain't

If I go on the field, it becomes dangerous for both sides

[Verse 2]
I don't want a submissive woman or a dirty groupie
By cons I trade my left arm against a night with Katsumi
Where I live, it's bored to death

Orelsan - Different

Tes mots sonnent comme un métronome,
Caractère gras en italique.
Et moi là je n'attends que toi,
Comme une groupie fanatique.

Kerredine Soltani - Emmène-moi

If beauty should define it with just one gesture
That should pack ? or sign a big check
I don't trust these rappers, these sons of cowards talk about us
I don't trust groupie who have asshole most loose than pussy
Dick raising to sky, descendants ready to spring to billion
Like in a crash in jungle I will stripe your body such as vulgar thief

Dosseh - Bottles and glocks

Can't no nigga do like me
This Bubble Kush, no licence
Copped a whole pound, this trippy life enticing
Your main bitch my groupie, I see why you don't like me
I put Molly on the tongue, of any nigga wifey

Juicy J - Get Higher

Du kommst nice, du kommst fresh, du kommst hart.
Du bist eine kleine Ghetto Prinzessin aus meinem Block und
du machst mich an, weil du für mich deinen Body shakest.
Nein, ich bleib nicht cool, weil vor mir kein Groupie steht.
Sie ist erst 16,
sie kommt zu extrem.

KoolKaan - Sie ist erst 16

solange du nicht da bist, lass' mich noch träum'n
wir sind perfekt - Ich geh' nie wieder weg

scheiß auf all die Bitches, und Groupie-Mails
dich interessieren keine Youtube-Plays
du willst einfach nur mich - Es gibt keine wie dich

ScReamOut - Love you

E mi chiedo come ho potuto meritare te
Sei il migliore per me, sono davvero innamorata
Mi prendi per come sono e sai che sono incasinata
Hai groupie e fama, ammiro come gestisci tutto
I tuoi occhi sono il mare e la tua risata mi regala felicità
Ogni giorno con te è una vacanza, sono pazza di te

Liont - Contro il resto del mondo

Und bekomm' das ungestreckte Kokain vom Fischkutter
Ich bin rich, bei mir läuft dank dem Öl-Deal
Motherfucker, ich bin jetzt am Ballen so wie Özil
Und ich ficke Groupie Hoes
Ist mein Shirt nicht von Loui V, dann wahrscheinlich Fendi oder Gucci, Homes
Die Bitch tut immer squirten aus der Futt, denn ich finger' sie

Bushido - Hidden Track

But if a thing test me, run for mi gun
Can't take a threat to mi new born son
L's been this way since creation
A groupie call, you fall from temptation
Now you want to ball over separation
Tarnish my image in your conversation

Lauryn Hill - Lost Ones

C : Mais bien sur qu'tu l'as qué-ni, tu m'as pris pour une novice
Tu l'appelles "sexy mami" et tu m'dis que c'est ta cousine
Parce que tu m'connais très mal, j'ai pas l'temps pour tes bêtises
Avant qu'ça parte en freestyle, vas-y casses-toi voir ta groupie
B : Pourquoi tout ce brouhaha, pourquoi tu me fais pas confiance
Tu me fous la rage, t'en as pas gros sur la conscience

Black M - Jette ton phone

You fucking groupie
Pick up the goddamn phone

Eminem - So Much Better

You come nicely, you come freshly, you come hard.
You are a little ghetto princess from m block and you turn me on, because your body shakes for me.
No, I'm not staying cool because no groupie is standing in front of me.
She is just 16,
She comes too textreme

KoolKaan - She is only 16

[Couplet 3 : Deen Burbigo]
J’ai oublié d’être con, les autres ont oublié d’être bons
J’tenais juste à l'souligner, on joue aux fléchettes sur vos boucliers
Groupie, tu rêvais d’y être, mon crew y est
Chaussé des plus fous souliers, continuez de roupiller
Les marques les plus hypes veulent leurs textiles dans nos clips

Casseurs Flowters - Casseurs Flowters Planète Rap

Si j'rentre sur le terrain, ça devient dangereux pour les deux camps

[Couplet 2]
J'veux pas d’une femme soumise, ni d’une sale groupie
Par contre j’échangerais mon bras gauche contre une nuit avec Katsumi
Là où j'vis, on s'ennuie à mourir

Orelsan - Différent

He wants get straight into it, but his alarm clock rings

Someday I'll be famous and everyone will think I'm great
Gabi will be my groupie
That is rock n roll, that's rock n roll

Die Ärzte - That's Rock N Roll

Uy uyuy uyuy uy uy uy
Nadie quiere estar solo
Saquen un groupie esta noche

Ya es hora amigo mío

Samir & Viktor - Groupie

German rappers, big ass breakers
A loud mouth, but no studs, just fakers
You think you're porno an strut your big hoopie
The only thing you fuck is an 11yr old groupie
German DJ's, ugly ass losers
With douchebag wristlet and VIP posers

Lady Bitch Ray - German dicks

tutti lo sanno quando parte Killa non lo fermi
l’uomo dell’anno sono in forma come Stephen Curry
rookie come in “he got game” groupie nel mio letto
in fissa col triangolo come Phil Jackson
quando ci provi con lei, vai a vuoto “air ball”

Emis Killa - I love this game

Ils essaient de crontroller ma perspective comme un flash-back de LSD
Mais, j'ai une citation pour tous les cadres de la musique
Retirez vos mains de ma poche, nigga, comme Malcolm X
Mais ceci n'est pas un film, je suis pas un admirateur ni une groupie
Je suis pas ce type de mec, tu n'es pas capable de me manquer si tu voudras me blesser
Jurez au ciel et rigolez quand le ciel m'électrocute.

Immortal Technique - La révolution industrielle

[Verse 1: Towkio]
Look, my girl tripping, say I treat her like a groupie
But I never took a groupie out to eat
See I've been balling, I've been popping
I've been bubbling, I've been buzzing

Towkio - Heaven Only Knows

Meanwhile temping at the airport gate in Frankfurt
And dealing haze in one horse towns
I oviously drop more lines in my head than bullets, bitch, in a Uzi clip
No studio kid, only Cool Edit - but fuck these rappers like a groupie chick
These motherfuckers get crushed at the mic
I got the fresher lines and better rhymes, whore, ZHT 1 established some styles

Kollegah - Legacy (Englische Übersetzung)

Die eine oder andere fänd Uwe ziemlich lecker
Er will sich gerade auf sie stürzen, doch da klingelt sein Wecker
Irgendwann bin ich berühmt und jeder find’t mich toll
Gabi wird mein Groupie sein
Denn das ist Rock’n’Roll, das ist Rock’n’Roll

Die Ärzte - Das ist Rock N Roll

Now there's a million of you
No you ain't nothing new
Just a groupie try'na slide into the V.I.P
But drink our honey jack
You keep throwin' em on back

Cheryl - Firecracker

Bardasın, gitar çalıyorsun
Ben ise kalabalığı yanıma yaklaştırmamaya çalışıyorum
Bazen bir yıldızla birlikte olmak zordur
Onu herkesle paylaşmak zorunda kaldığında.
Klüptesin, hayatını yaşıyorsun
Ben ise kalabalığın beni fark etmemesi için uğraşıyorum

Lana Del Rey - Groupie Love

Tu es mon chéri,
L'amour de groupie,
L'amour de groupie,
L'amour de groupie,

Lana Del Rey - L'amour de groupie

Zähle meine Dollarbills, Mutterficker Kilos in den Maserati G., M.R.S
Ich mach Trouble Gee, wie Van Damme in Doubleteam
Halt die Pumpgun, baller dann, bis du Kugeln frisst - Bubbletea
Du disst Hiphopgrößen, doch in Wahrheit bist du selber Savas Groupie
Julien, du bist allerhöchstens King in Madagascar Movies
Ich zerficke Germany, die Whacke Penner Rapper Szene

Sun Diego - Moneyrain Empire

Du liegst neben mir im Jacuzzi
Und laberst, dass du nicht so eine bist
Angeblich bist du ja gar kein Groupie
Sag mir ma', was bist du eigentlich?

Mert (itsMertTV) - Ajajaj

Bei Onkel Pö, spielt ´ne Rentnerband,
seit zwanzig Jahren Dixieland.
'n Groupie hab´n die auch,
die heißt Rosa oder so,
und die tanzt auf´m Tisch

Udo Lindenberg - Alles klar auf der Andrea Doria

Hadi bakalım, atlayın taşaklarıma tıpkı Green Bay'deki herkesin yaptığı gibi
Gerçi siz buna da sanki senaryoymuşçasına inanmayacaksınız
Siz wack zenciler etrafta gururlu dolanmaya çabalıyorsunuz
Siz groupie'ler izinli değilsiniz amına koyim

[Nakarat] (x2)

MC Ren - CPT(Compton) Tüm Gün

me otetaan groupie

joo me otetaan groupie

Samir & Viktor - Groupie

I just put some money down on a new lease
Livin' on a cloud in a blue dream
Now you know how much it matters to me
So now I'm a groupie, give me what I'm asking for
Oh, please, on the floor, beggin'

Jesse Rutherford - Dime & Dog

La drogue était légendaire
J'ai balancé une télé par la fenêtre du Montage
De la cocaïne sur la table, de l'alcool qui coule, je m'en fout
Mec, ta copine est une vraie groupie, elle essaye juste de rentrer
Elle dit: "Je suis avec le groupe"
Là, elle dépasse les bornes, elle essaye de s'accrocher à mon pantalon

Post Malone - rockstar

Les groupies m'font peur (ouais), elle fourmillent sous l'beurre (ouais)
J'fais des houpies pour l'heure, j'vais faire semblant qu'j'ai aucun réseau
Mes houpi Goldberg, m'empêchent de nuire dans la nuit
L'enfer, j'y descends la nuit, pour sourire comme groupie gaule fraîche
Si t'as des soucis sœurette viens dans ma boutique secrète
C'est moi qui fournis Goltex ça devient pourri je sais

Vald - Bukkake

She suckin' dick with her bestfriend and they cool in my Jacuzzi
She say I'm a trap nigga, she say you a loser
Can't name one time I took a bitch to the movies
You the type of goofy that'll fall in love with a groupie
I'm a type of trap nigga, in the hallway with a uzi
Broad day shoot outs you would of thought it was a movie

Fredo Santana - Persona

But take my kids
You can kiss both my nuts bitch
Telling lies 'cause daddy's always on the road
But you're the one fucking like a groupie at a show
Money hungry
So you try to take my youngest from me

Blue October - Any Man In America

When the bands leave the town
She gets bored and comes back to the old café
She keeps a note with a name
With a name and being recognized a groupie
The girl from Bauru only wants a future (a future)
She wants to be happy in the big world

Cazuza - The Girl From Bauru

Ne peux même pas te cacher
Enfuie? Quand? Nicki se fait bronzer
Mirroir Mirroir qui est la plus belle salope de tout le royaume ?
Mince, mec, cette salope est une groupie
Mouah, mouah, la généreuse reine va embrasser a fan [un(e) admirateur/trice]
Adieu, je me casse

Katy Perry - Swish Swish

Glamour woman
You're a mean witch
You're a groupie
You're extravagant

Aterciopelados - Glamour Woman

Selon notre propre plan.
Sans but, simplement partir, quand arriverons-nous là-bas?
Et non je n'ai pas besoin de battage publicitaire.
Pas de groupies, pas de renommée, juste toi et moi sur la plage.
Tout va bien. Tout est bien.

Kayef - Avec toi

This passion turned into gum
Made me get stuck in you
My heart became a groupie
And just thinks of you

Banda Magnificos - This Passion Turned Into Gum

Eyy, der Shit war legendär
Schmiss ein Fernsehr aus dem Fenster des Montage
Kokain auf dem Tisch, Likör fließt, juckt mich nicht
Junge, dein Mädel ist ein Groupie, sie versucht dabei zu sein
Sagt, ''Ich bin bei der Band''
Eyy, eyy, jetzt dreht sie durch

Post Malone - rockstar

Schießen Fotos wie Touris
Fame wie Wladimir Putin
Bleiben am Ball wie Wayne Rooney, Shooting
Stalken Infos auf Google
Kleben mir an mei'm Booty

Mert (itsMertTV) - Groupie

Ist dir das wirklich nicht genug gewesen? Zugegeben
Ich wollte nicht über deine Schwester, die Hure reden
Doch heute lass' ich beide mit dem Booty shaken, PA spittet souverän
Der Schwanz, an dem dein Groupie bläst, ist länger als Koobideh
Meine Mum ist keine Hure, sagst du selber, nur der Spruch ist hart
Ich sag' Hurensohn, weil deine Mutter eine Nutte war

PA Sports - Julia

Im Land der Götter und Monster,
war ich ein Engel,
danach suchend hart gefickt zu werden
Wie ein unerkannter Groupie,
der als echter Sänger posiert,
Leben imitiert Kunst

Lana Del Rey - Götter und Monster

C'est juste une fille un peu perverse
Qui me plante des couteaux dans les fesses
Et qui me coince dans les urinoirs
En sortant sa lame de rasoir
C'est juste une fille un peu fritée
Qui s'amuse avec ma santé

Hubert-Félix Thiéfaine - Groupie 89 Turbo 6

απλώς δεν έχει καλούπι
ούτε πιασάρικα ρεφρέν
να σιγοτραγουδάνε οι groupie
μιας και δεν υπάρχουν groupie

Aρνούμαι να δεχθώ πως κάποιον

45 - Spitha | Σπίθα

Mostanában a csajok minden kölyköt Édesnek akarnak szólítani
Amint kitalálják, hogy rappelek, elszabadul a pokol
De én is közrejátszom, nem tettethetem
Minden nagy seggű groupie**-nak megadom magam
Londontól Japánig, Hong Kongtól Iránig
A csajok szerint én vagyok a férfi

G-Eazy - Sült rizs