Gryffin - Nobody Compares To You


Nobody Compares To You

Thought I saw you at our bar last night
Hid in the bathroom, I just couldn't say high
'Cause I took so much time to reset my life
But in just one look, I'm back
Forget that I could have anyone I like
But now all I remember is what we had
Nobody, nobody, nobody compares to you
Somebody, somebody please help me get over you
'Cause it feels like I've been wasting my time
In all the wrong places, on all the wrong faces
Nobody compares to you...
What should I do?
Maybe I'll move away
Start somewhere new
I'll let you have L.A.
You're once in a lifetime
Better than New Year's at midnight
Wanna grab on and hold tight
And I won't let go
I hope you can hear this
'Cause it's your face that I miss
Your lips I wanna kiss
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