Los Mismos (España) - Guarda tus besos para mí (English translation)

English translation

Save your kisses for me

I have to go today
I'll fake happiness
Because I like your way of living.
I love you (I love you), my dear
Open your heart for the illusion to come in.
You achieve nothing with crying,
You'll feel sadness
A happier tomorrow will come
I love you (I love you), my dear
That day will come, full of happiness, yes...
They're for me, your kisses are for me
Bye, bye, baby, bye, bye
You'll have baby, you'll have
To save this love and your kisses for me.
When I return I'll tell you
That I dreamed of you in the nights
That I didn't forget you in any moment
I love you (I love you), my dear
Just keep a corner in your heart, yes
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Guarda tus besos para mí

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