Nikhil D'Souza - Gubbare (ग़ुब्बारे) (English translation)

English translation


They're raining from the sky
Blue, yellow, all sorts of colours
Play with 'em as much as you want
O heart, you know don't you
These moments are just all sorts of
Some are a bit too full
Some have gone all floppy, some are floating in the air
There's joy in all of them
Just look at what they do
These excuses to smile
In this world fulll of troubles
Yes, full of troubles
They're bubbles of happiness
Watch out, don't let Sadness prick them with its pin
You don't want them to pop - Oh, drat!
You won't get all these sweet balloons again
That'll be too bad for you
What are you going to do with just one?
Here, take the whole bunch
Pretty your party up
Tell me, how's it feel?
Blow up as many as you want
Balloons, balloons
Go ahead and give 'em a hug
Balloons, Balloons
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Gubbare (ग़ुब्बारे)

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