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還在流浪 (hái zài liú làng) (English translation)

  • Artist: Jay Chou (周杰倫 (Chou Chieh-Lun))
  • Song: 還在流浪 (hái zài liú làng)


老書攤 和啤酒空罐 散落地上
報廢的回憶在路旁 有了鏽斑
有某種無所謂 在這小鎮瀰漫
這個城市步調 是如此的緩慢
霓虹燈閃爍的倒影 靠在窗上
錯過美好的那時光 能否再遇上
老舊的車站 空曠的車廂
招牌的燈泡 在夜裡微亮
過去的背包 就留在異鄉
於是我決定 離開這個地方
當你收到信 我還在流浪
那年的約定 都放在心上
隨身的照片裡 你微笑的模樣
親愛的 你現在怎麼樣
當你收到信 我還在流浪
想起牽著手 走過的小巷
我依然記得 年少初吻的那教堂
還有一起畫愛心 的那道牆
Submitted by velvetnikvelvetnik on 2022-07-15
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Still Wandering

An old bookstand and empty beer bottles scattered on the ground
Spent memories left by the road spotted with rust
A kind of carelessness permeates this town
The pace of this city has slowed down
Reflected on windows, neon lights glow
Will the good times that passed by ever return?
An old station, empty train cars
How I've missed the people who used to come and go
Billboard lights glimmer in the dark
The old backpack I left in another town
And so I decided to leave this place behind
By the time you get my letter, I'll still be wandering
That promise we made is still on my mind
I carry that photo of your smiling face
My darling, how are you doing now?
By the time you get my letter, I'll still be wandering
I remember the alleys we strolled through, hand in hand
The church we first kissed in when we were young
How we painted our hearts together on that wall
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Submitted by velvetnikvelvetnik on 2022-07-15
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