Ha Ha Lili (English translation)


Ha Ha Lili

传说中天与地连在一起 永不分离
勤劳的人们和那些神奇的动物生活在山洞里 啊咿
下过雨的清晨 一束光照着树神
沉沉的鼓声 阵阵震醒山洞里的人
沙啦啦啦啦 伴着节奏急促的脚步
沙啦啦啦啦 人们的心在跳 跳
沙啦啦啦啦 金色公鸡带来了传奇
ha ha lili...
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English translation

The Story of Heaven and Earth (Tian Di Ji)

Legend has it that heaven and earth were connected together and never separated
The hard-working people and those mystical animals lived in a cave: Ayi.
On an early rainy morning, a shining dryad1
From a distant place sent the rumbling of drumbeats
Wave after wave of heavy drumbeats shook the people in the cave awake
According to the prophecies on the wall, this would happen.
Sha la la la la, quickened footsteps following the rhythm
Sha la la la la, people's hearts jumping, jumping.2
Sha la la la la, a golden rooster brings about the legend
The parting of heaven and earth.
The Story of Heaven and Earth...
Beginning that day, people walked out of the cave
And lived together with the oreads and dryads
Beginning that day, people walked out of the cave
And were perfectly together with Nature3
  • 1. Joye decides to translate the literal "mountain spirit and tree spirit" as oread and dryad for personal reasons.
  • 2. The word for heartbeat in Chinese is xintiao, "heart jump", and the tiao can also mean dance. Joye thinks the insertion of the tense marker makes it more forceful and pushes it from "heartbeat" to "heart jump".
  • 3. Joye emphasizes "Nature" with a capital N. Like earth (soil) versus Earth (the planet). This is almost like Mother Nature, but without the personification of the English idiom.
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