Habibi Enta | حبيبي انت (English translation)

  • Artist: Melhim Barakat (Melhem Barakat ملحم بركات)
  • Song: Habibi Enta | حبيبي انت 2 translations
  • Translations: English #1, #2

Habibi Enta | حبيبي انت

حبيبي انت وروحي انت
لا حد قبلك ولا بعدك انت
انت نهاري
ليل انتظاري
حديثي كله عنك انت
يا أحلى حب انا حبيته
من قبل ما اشوفه حسيته
من قبل ما اشعر بوجودي وجودي
هوه هوه لقيته اه لقيته
وبنام وبصحى
على احلى فرحه
على احلى فرحة
يا حبيبي
بكل الحب أنا حبيتك
بكل الشوق أستنيتك
وبكل وردة وردة بتفتح
ياحبيب قلبـي
لقيتك .. لقيتك
وأحكي حكايتي عنك
عنك لمراياتي عنك
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You Are My Beloved

Versions: #1#2
You are my beloved, and you are my soul,
There is nobody before or after you.
You my morning,
And the night I have waited for,
And all I talk about is you.
You are the most beautiful love I have loved,
That I felt before I even saw,
That, before I was aware of my own existence,
I found,
Oh, I found.
And I wake up and go to sleep,
With the greatest happiness,
With the greatest happiness, darling.
With all my love I loved you,
With all my longing I awaited you,
And in every blossoming rose,
Oh, love of my life,
I found you.
And I tell all my stories about you,
To my mirrors, I tell my stories about you,
My stories.
You my morning,
And the night I have waited for,
And all I talk about is you.
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