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Hajde luj qyqek (English translation)

  • Artist: Yllka Kuqi
  • Song: Hajde luj qyqek
Proofreading requested
Albanian (Gheg)
Albanian (Gheg)

Hajde luj qyqek

Edhe kjo natë me hare
Këtu tek ne
Në mesin ton
Të gjithë kan ven
Koka bo hallakam
Edhe piskam
Spo dihet sen
Kush kan pe don
Hajde luj qyqek
-Hajde luj qyqek
Mori shyhret
E kalle krejt
Sa paska lezet
Hajde luj qyqek
O dhezi qato drita
Se qet nat e prita
Pe kallim sonte
Se na ka ardh dita
Kush po pin i pari
Qaj bajraktari
O qaj mafia
Qe krejt i kalli
Hajde luj qyqek
-O hajde luj qyqek
Ti mori shyhret
Ti na kalle krejt
Sa paska lezet
Hajde luj qyqek
English translationEnglish
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Come on, play qyqek

And this night with joy
Here with us
Among us
Everyone has a place
It has become a mess
And screams
Nothing is known
Who's loving who
Come on, play qyqek
- Come on, play qyqek
Oh Shyhret
You're burning it all
How beautiful it is
Come on, play qyqek
Oh, lights, those lights
because I've been waiting
for this night
Because our day has come
Who drinks first
Cry Bajraktari
Oh cry mafia
That's burning (attracting) everyone
Come on, play qyqek
- Oh come on, play qyqek
oh you, Shyhret
You're burning it all
How beautiful it is
Come on, play qyqek
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Submitted by cshnicancshnican on Thu, 19/08/2021 - 22:51
Added in reply to request by reyureyu
Last edited by cshnicancshnican on Thu, 21/10/2021 - 21:24
Author's comments:

Credit: Ergin Bilalli
Beqo Leka too for the first 3 lines (he was mostly confused tho)

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Yllka Kuqi: Top 3
Alma BarrocaAlma Barroca    Sun, 22/08/2021 - 13:21

Albanian is not among your languages, may I ask how did you do this translation?

cshnicancshnican    Sun, 22/08/2021 - 15:06

For this song I asked my friend for help

BalkantürkBalkantürk    Mon, 23/08/2021 - 09:42

Thanks for asking your friend about this song. It's an old traditional wedding song. Basically, it literally calls the guests of the wedding to get up and dance. It's one of my favorite Albanian songs. I don't understand Albanian language (an Albanian friend explained this to me. I mean he gave me a translation) but qyqek we call it čoček. It is a popular folk dance that started early of nineteenth century in the Balkans.

cshnicancshnican    Sun, 22/08/2021 - 15:54

yep it is! I discovered this song from Tea Tairovic's cover. Both are amazing!!

(The lyrics here is a bit hard to read as it's spelled in Gheg. My Kosovar friend helped me with the translation)

BalkantürkBalkantürk    Sun, 22/08/2021 - 16:06

Because this song originally comes from Kosovo. There is a Serbian "cover". Gheg is an Albanian dialect and not all Albainians understand it. The majority of Kosovo people speak Gheg, but officially they use Tosk. In fact they didn't define themselves as I am Kosovar. They say: I'm Albanian' or 'I'm Serbian. Some defines themselves as Ashkali or Balkan Egyptians. In Kosovo I think they are 24 million more or less and in Serbia I think only 2 million. In Kosovo the two official languages are: Albanian and Serbian. Also, you could find people speaking Bosnian, Romani language, Turkish and German.

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