博多山笠女節 (Hakata yama kasa onnabushi) (English translation)


夜明け前 博多の男が
山笠舁(か)いてオィサッオィサッ 風になる
私ゃあんたの 赤手拭(あかてのごい)に
一年一度 惚れ直す
ときめくざわめく 祭りの女節
水法被(みずはっぴ) 舁(か)き縄(なわ)締め込み
男が謳(うた)うオイサッ オイサッ 晴れ姿
山笠(やま)が恋人 命をかける
妬(や)くほどあんた 山笠(やま)のぼせ
ドキドキハラハラ ワクワク女節
祝い目出度の 若松さまよ
勢(きお)い水 一番山笠
太鼓の音でオィサッオィサッ 走り出す
廻り止(どめ)まで 気合いを抜くな
男の力 魅(み)せとくれ
凛々(りり)しいあんたに 捧げる女節
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The woman's melody of the Hakata Yamakasa

Before the dawn, the men of Hakata
Carry the Yamakasa, oisa, oisa, and they become wind
Once a year I fall in love again
With your red towel
Throbs and mutters the woman's melody in the festival
Wearing a water vest and a belt
Men sing, oisa, oisa, with their best clothes
The Yamakasa is a lover who risks its life
You become so obsessed with it that you burn
Throbs, trembles and gets nervous the woman's melody
Happy and joyful is God Wakamatsu
God Wakamatsu
They throw water to the ones of the first Yamakasa
To the sound of the drums, oisa, oisa, they start to run
Don't lose motivation till you reach the end
The strength of a man charms me
To you brave men, I offer my woman's melody

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