Hala Dige Rafte (English translation)

  • Artist: Ali Zibaei (Takta) (علی زیبایی - تکتا)
  • Song: Hala Dige Rafte
  • Translations: English

Hala Dige Rafte

تو که گفتی باکی نداری
بگم آخر یه روزی میرم
ندونسته یه کاری کردی
همه حرفامو پس بگیرم
تو که از من فراری بودی
تا ازت باخبر نباشم
تو که با اون غریبه میری
جایی من پشت سر نباشم
حالا دیگه رفته تو بمون و دردات
حالا دیگه رفته
اونی که میخواستی واسه روز فردات
حالا دیگه رفته
توی دو سه سالی نشد یکبار
نگران دلم باشی
مگه میشد یه روز باشی
مگه میشد که تنها شی
تا ببینی چقدر سخته,که پریشون فردا شی
که یکی از خودت بدتر تنهات بذاره
دیگه حس نمیکنی یه کسی چشم به راته
از تو دوره و تو خیالش باهاته
تو خودت رو ملامت کن
تو به این دوری عادت کن
بی‌تفاوت به احساس همه دنیا خیانت کن
غافل از اینکه هر قلبی خدایی داره
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And now its gone!

You said you didn't care,
When I say I'll finally leave one day,
Unknowingly you did something,
That made me take back my words,
You were running from me,
So that I stay unaware of you,
When you are going with that stranger,
And I wouldn't be walking behind you,
And now it's (he or she) gone stay with the pain,
The person you needed for tomorrow day,
And now it's (he or she) is gone,
The person you needed for tomorrow day,
And now it's ( he or she) gone,
It never happened in these two three years ( that passed) that you have worries over my heart,
Would it be possible for you to be by my side?
Would it be one day that you stay alone?
And feel how hard it is to feel worried about tomorrow,
To feel someone worse than yourself has left you,
And to feel that no one waits for you anymore,
Someone who is far from you but you are always in their mind,
You should blame yourself,
You should cope (get used) to this pain,
Carelessly betray the emotions of the world,
Not knowing that every heart has a God.
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Author's comments:

The name of the song and we'll the phrase," And now it's gone " is translated literally but through the song the " it " is either a he or she. I hope I could help

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