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Soul Mate

Soul Mate
You're right next to me but I miss you every time
You know it's not a habit,it's just pure love
You're right next to me but I pretense anyway
I'm like (I say) wow!It's cold!And then I take you by the hand
Don't ever go away cause if you do,I'll die being lonely
If you even go from here to the door,I worry about you
I'm only thinking about this love,thinking about us (being together)
When you're with me,there's no way I get involved with anything
I know that sometimes I've made you upset with what I've done
In days that I take for granted I say I love you
I guess you're just like me,you miss me as much as I miss you
Just like me,you want me so bad that you're somehow self suffering
You're next to me and it's like the sea's not far
Did you let your hair down that its wave has come along
Footprints of love are beautiful,come under the snow without an umbrella
If you feel the way I feel,then you know what I'm talking about
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Hamdam | همدم

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