Hamrer Hippyer (Portuguese translation)

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German (Old High German)

Hamrer Hippyer

[hanga dýra mingja]
sôse benrenkî, sôse bluotrenkî, sôse lidirenkî;
ben zi bena, bluot zi bluoda,
lid zi gelidin, sôse gelîmida sîn
[Alu Is Urki]
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Submitter's comments:

Lines in [square brackets] are only a suggestion. Since there is no official text of this song. They might be incorrect.

First line is in Icelandic.
The next three lines are in Old High German.
Last line is in Old Norse.

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Hamrer Hippyer

[Pendure os animais]
Como entorse de ossos, entorse de sangue, entorse de articulações:
Osso para osso, sangue para sangue,
articulações para articulações, para que possam ser reparadas.
[Que ajude]
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