hang in there

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hang in there (English) — An expression of reassurance in a situation that is not always clear, desired, and is challenging/trying to you. Someone who wants to give you encouragement might say "Hang in there!" for something tedious or distasteful.
A very well known phrase is "Hang in there baby, Friday's coming!" Meaning the last workday of the workweek (for some).

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hang in there — sık dişini

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"hang in there" in lyrics

I will tell you man to man
If it hurts it'll pass
it's not easy but hang in there
Don't become a drunk, son.

Toni Storaro - Tell Me Like a Man

You’re gonna love who you turn out to be

Take it from me
Hang in there, baby

Bridgit Mendler - Hang In There, Baby

And despite the appearances, there are days when I'm sad,
Sometimes it seems that I am living a dream,
That I did more than just exist in this life,
I managed to hang in there, I always did what I liked without compromises,
And if it doesn't work out from the first time, allow me to insist;
I have a smile on my lips - I am a convinced optimist,

Smiley - Beyond words

this place where I used to be with you is now across the seine river
what people want is a change that's bigger than love
in another wolrd i'll love only you, I..
don't be sorry just hang in there a little bit more
in this place that needs you
the happy moments i spent with you

Nemesis - la rose de versailles

Is your life as hard for you as mine is for me
When you feel worn out by this cold, cold world
Please hang in there until you find me

I run and run and run searching for you

Taeyang - Where U At

And I have a question to ask you

What’s it like now in Hamburg?
Hang in there
Enjoy the view that you have from up here
Open yourself up just a crack

Tomte - What’s it Looking Like in Hamburg?

(So raise it up !)
So raise it up

(Hang in there with me)
Sometimes it takes another helping hand to show you the way
(So don't give up !)

August Rush - Raise it up

put your frustrations aside, it could be worse.
You’ve got to see the world again through the eyes of a child. See to it that it goes full steam ahead ⁸
from an early age on.
Know nothing of the misery, which surrounds us. Only be aware of the good things, and nothing which brings you down. Hang in there, the way out is open ⁹
We can only stop being afraid if we
give up hope.

Silla - Through the Eyes of a Child ¹

Oh you don't take orders from some boring commander
Hang in there my sister

Hang in there my sister, you can see through their mask and their smiles of plastic
Their Botox hysteria, but is it a good luck
or a load when your smile is stuck.

Kapten Röd - Don't take orders

In the kitchen, is the meatpot of judgment boiling
I would just like to support the man climbing the hill
Who in sweat harrows
The best you do, try to hang in there


Jukka Poika - Good Man

The scared heart is pounding in my throat and chest,
all songs are torn and it's only a bit left
to hang in there until sunrise, to wake up and get up,
Smoke a cigarette and start it all over again.

Pilot - The yard

And then you see right through me
I’m vulnerable, vulnerable
but you just say, “hang in there,”
I’ll never
forget you again.

The Love Bülow - Never Again

I tried to erase you, I even tried to hate you but I was never successful
I pour out your memories with my tears and then get another kick in the face by misery
I can’t hang in there, I can’t forget you, even in my dreams I couldn’t let you go
Please forgive me for being such a bad girl, this must be all that I amount to
I’m sorry

Gavy Nj - Happiness

Those shababs[fn]Guys/boys[/fn]gets adrenalin
Two-bob-cabines[fn]A 2-cigarette joint in a car with the windows and doors closed[/fn], you make a shlite half ejner[fn]Flabby 1½ -cigarette joint[/fn]
We yell "free Noah Carter"[fn]A.k.a. Carter the Kid, member of the Copenhagen rapgroup B.O.C.[/fn]
Hang in there all you brothers behind bars
Shots to my head and that's without a debanja[fn]Pistol[/fn]
Booze in my blood so we throw para[fn]Money[/fn]

Sivas - In Full Speed

We all havin' hard times right no
Whether it be mentally, spiritually, or finacially
We 'gon make it
So hang in there

Mary J. Blige - Gonna Make It

Takes away the senses first, then power
But the reward for your pain
Is a higher consciousness
Hang in there, don't weaken
Soul purifies through pain
Forward, forward another step

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - Dedicate yourself

You just need a passion
So listen carefully to the guidance counsellors and do the opposite of what they'll say
Basically, all the stuff that people say,"You're wasting your time"
You need to get really into it and hang in there for a long time
If you want to make movies, you just need a recording device
Saying,"I don't have any gear or no contact,"is a victim thing

Orelsan - Notes for Too Late

Our time has run out.
Now we need to suffer.
Hang in there
an decide
Two steps ahead

Ich Kann Fliegen - It comes, it goes, it stays

Keep goin’ till the end
I go for the knock out, if I keep running I’ll be on the top

Until get what’s mind/ Hang in there
Until get what’s mind/ Nothin’ can stop me
I’ll be on the top/ I feel like ooh-

4Tomorrow - Tomorrow

Did someone say that life is like that, that you just get used to it?
Tell me everything
You look at me and tell me to hang in there
My tears become like rainwater, I get drenched
I lie down, my whole body frozen to the ground

Sunny Hill - Pray

There’s enough time, don’t rush
Trust yourself, don’t give up
We are the Dream Girls, Dream Girls
Hang in there a bit more, Dream Girls
Don’t mind being a little bit late
Over & over, Follow your fever like that

I.O.I - Dream Girls

A man like me

Hold on my darlin'
(Hang on in there baby, everything gonna be all right)
Don't let in doubt
(I'll erase all your doubts)

Ralph Tresvant - Sensitivity

And you'll be the person you want to be
If you overcome your fear and weaknesses
You'll come face to face with a shining new you
Hang in there a little longer, just a little further
Because your dreams will come true
Don't give up, even when the sun isn't shining, and pour a little water on it

Dream (Japan) - Flower Smile

The bricks will not move if I don't wake my hands
Takes hours to climb and seconds to fall
So don't you look down when you take on that wall
Gallows are patient so hang in there
Who ever told you this life was fair?
Takes hours to climb and seconds to fall

Donots - Don't Ever Look Down

Designer clothes, expensive cars,
Don't you think we will be better off?

Hang in there, outside the window,
No job, my thoughts are money
Because everyone else has the balls

Murro - Sleepwalking

Even the warmth was stolen
In an instant, everything was lost
The lonely night, we were left behind
Confusion, anxiety, tears
So many dreams were erased

Gacharic Spin - ALIVE ~Hang in There! Japan ~

Your own flower

Let's go to the future (father!!)
Overtime works on Monday (hang in there!!)
Getting better at staggering in the new world
Welcome to this future (father!!)

!wagero! - Flower

I think some company is overdue
I've started talking to the pictures on the walls

Hang in there Joan

It gets a little lonely, all these empty rooms

Superfruit - Frozen Medley

let's not be like that, let's not be like that
I'll pay, let's have another glass, yeah
let's go to round 3, cart bar
let's hang in there, let's cheers together
let's not forget what we promised
let's 'fighting'**, life's train

Norazo - Cart Bar

Let's ride a bike
Since I'm always alone,
I end up talking to the paintings on the walls
Hang in there, Jeanne!
In this lonely room,
I just look at the wall clock and such

Frozen (OST) - Let's Build a Snowman

Snowing konna ni hitori furueteru kimi no
Soba ni yorisoi tsutsumikomu koto mo dekizu ni
Fairy, slowly but surely you're walking your way, hang in there!

Warau koto sae wasureteta boku ni mahou wo kakete

funkist - Snow fairy

Dying, dying, living again
Break it, break it, it's blooming again

Torn away, torn away, hang in there
Falling, falling, and standing back
Seems to be forever, just like snow flakes

Ben (Korea) - Like Snow

Read a book
And you'll get so smart
Hang in there from seven until nine

No, everything has to be risked

Folkeklubben - The Nettle and the Oak

If I knew just once
What the future will poor on our nervous nature
Could we lie and spend a little time now
Without thinking about thinking just hang in there

I follow your movements

Rasmus Walter - We Could Become

Or we'd could bike around
I think that I need some friends here
Because I'm started to talk to pictures
(Hang in there Joan.)

It's little lonely

Frozen (OST) - Can we build a snowman

Or race with our bikes
Since a bit of socialising doesn't hurt
My friends are only old pictures
(Hang in there, Joan***)
All these empty rooms
I'm always alone

Frozen (OST) - Let's go build a snowman

Snik the performance thief
fuck tommorow, tonight, yes, fuck tommorow
foot on the throttle, I can't see in front of me
and if I go, babe, hang in there

I want a Ferrari, to become rich one day

SNIK - Ferrari

Defend yourself, when it smells like '33
Get old, new land!
Emotion does'nt need duty
Hang in there, attitude,
And live in the moment!
Don't waste your talent!

Herbert Grönemeyer - New Land

don’t turn your back
see what's going on then react
show the world that you belong
to the best hang in there
buddy you are strong
raise your fist in the air

Coperniquo - Turn Your Back

Even today, I still
I'm barely hanging on the day
Hang in there if you look at the
Would feel better again one day
Breath close to

Big Brain - No-Yes By: Big Brain

Relax, lie on your back

Write, write, and sleep,
When Silence comes - hang in there,
listen closer - in it hides the Silent One -
Has seen a lot - many a wonder.

Odyn v kanoe - Write.

Ughh! We're your exclusive cheer squad!
Hooray! Hooray! Pom-pom! To the last breath
Ughh! Don't get sleepy! Hurry and wake up, boy!
A chance of losing is 0% so hang in there!
'cuz you're no longer a wimp or anything! My condolences!!

Mai Kadowaki - Hooray! Hooray! Pom-pom!

Hold on, you're gonna make it
You're gonna be stronger
Hold on, hang in there, baby
Just a little bit longer

B*Witched - Hold On

Well the whole place is going to hell
In a hand basket of mistaken intentions
But hang in there and believe
I have faith occasionally spying inspiration
A light of the irrefutable truth...

Ww Ww - My Apologies

Love is great, brother
And all of us who live on this tiny earth
Just hang in there, 'cause it's greater than we think
Greater than you think

Turbolens - Licking Time

Hang in there
Never give up!Buddy!

Nmb48 - Don't look back!