A happy camper

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A happy camper (English) — Someone who is just happy with everything at all times. Commonly used in the negative to express someone's unhappiness. "He just got demoted at work, he was not a happy camper."
There are other vulgar definitions.

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A happy camper — 'to be a happy camper' bedeutet 'glücklich und zufrieden sein'.

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"A happy camper" in lyrics

All they see is green they don't ever see my blues
Everybody watching, Leaving comments on my views
Got my head all knotted like that comic on the view
I love what I do, but I'm far from a happy camper
I ain't Happy Gilmore, that was Adam Sandler
It makes me wonder how come Yezzy didn't marry Amber

Diggy Simmons - I Need To Know