Peilomat - Happy End (English translation)

English translation

Happy End

This is the story of a man
And a night and of hope
To be forever happy someday
And in life
After the "If they haven't died yet"
And never alone again
The begining of the whole confusion
Some party and then everything is different
The movie in which I was only the clown
Becomes a tearjerker and you and me the dream couple
And at the end when we finally kiss
The curtain drops and backstage
We ask ourselves how this will go on now
Will we destroy ourselves
Can somebody hear us?
If there's somebody up there
Who watches over us
Ask him how this songs ends
If he knows the rest of the story
What comes after the Happy End?
Submitted by Steena on Sat, 25/04/2009 - 19:43
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