Happy Halloween (English translation)

  • Artist: Junky
  • Featuring artist: Kagamine Rin
  • Song: Happy Halloween
  • Translations: English

Happy Halloween

ねえ もう暗くなりそうだから
ちょっとね 魔法にかけられた
きっと もう霧が濃くなるから
ミンナ 集まるかな?
じっと待って アマイモノ我慢した
ご褒美を ほら
ひとつ ふたつ 鐘の音
騒ぎ出す 小さいオバケたち
さあ 街に行こう
だって Happy Halloween
悪戯しちゃうぞ ding-dong-dang
あっちもこっちも trick or treat
だって Happy Halloween
疲れたジャックも踊るよ 朝まで
だって Happy Halloween
今日は街中 trick or treat
だって Happy Halloween
Let's trick or treat
もっと もっと ほしい
もうない? それなら
くれない家なんて 庭木に
今夜はランタン灯してるなら 甘いの頂戴
さぁ  Let's Party Night
ほら だって Happy Halloween
時計も回る tick-tack
あっちもこっちも trick or treat
だって Happy Halloween
疲れたジャックも寝ないわ  朝まで
だって Happy Halloween・・・
今日は Happy Halloween
さぁ  Let's trick or treat
赤いキャンディー コロがして
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Happy Halloween

Hey, looks like it's about to get dark now
so would it be alright to go out, I wonder?
A little magic was put on me, you see
let's eat, starting with your desserts
It looks like the fog will get thicker
so will everyone be getting together, perhaps?
I firmly waited and held back on sweets
And as for the reward, here
One, two, the sound of the bell
the small ghosts making bustle
it'll be alright for today
so, let's get to town
'Cause it's Happy Halloween
let's play a prank ding-dong-dang
trick or treat here there and everywhere,
won't you give some candy?
'cause it's Happy Halloween,
some innocent-looking pumpkin lanterns
Even the tired Jack dances all until morning
'Cause it's Happy Halloween,
even the ghost turnips, la la la
trick or treat today all throughout town,
also some chocolate please
'cause it's happy halloween,
welcome to this wondrous world
Even the tired Jack sings
Let's trick or treat
Want more and more,
the greedy ghosts
So there's no more?
Then they'll be prey to our pranks
As for those houses that won't give us any
let's wrap the trees in their yard with toilet paper
the lanterns will be lit tonight, give us some sweets please
So then let's party tonight
Hey 'cause it's Happy Halloween,
the clock too continues to spin, tick-tack
trick or treat here there and everywhere,
pumpkin pies that dazzle the eye
'Cause it's Happy Halloween,
so why not-let's stay up late
The tired Jack won't sleep either all until morning
'Cause it's Happy Halloween...
Today it's Happy Halloween
so now, let's trick or treat
red candy rolling around
don't wanna sleep till morning
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