Rima Khcheich - Harrama el-Nawma (English translation)

English translation

Forbade sleep

he forbade us from sleep and then he slept
and he threw us into his love and then he went cold
o'gazelle 1, your beauty has increased, o'rasha 2
take the swords of your gazes down or be gentle
in my love for you, with the longing that
is in my heart, don't leave me to the love sufferings
I'm not content with my lifetime at all
it has never presented us a sweet glass of peace
  • 1. gazelles are symbols of sheer beauty for Arabs
  • 2. Rasha is the name of the young gazelle when he becomes able to walk with his mother
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لك الحرية في استخدام ترجماتي كيفما شئت طالما وضعت الرابط لها
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Harrama el-Nawma

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